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Fix classloader problem in TAPI integration test

- failure was

NoClassDefFoundError: org/gradle/api/artifacts/ResolveException

- ToolingApiCompatibilitySuiteRunner / ToolingApiExecution

has custom classloading to be able to run different Gradle

versions. Referencing Gradle classes in TAPI integration test classes

is not supported because of the custom classloading setup. It's

easy to forget this because tests pass with the default test runner

configuration, but fail with org.gradle.integtest.executer=forking.

+review REVIEW-6309 REVIEW-6315

Needs to close cache after use to release lock

+review REVIEW-6306

Annotation likely not needed

+review REVIEW-6306

Ensure test directory can be cleaned up

+review REVIEW-6306

Add project/build identifiers to all core models

This avoids the need for compatibility mapping on the client.

Having project and build information on all models is also a prerequisite

to make build actions in composite builds work. The build controller takes

a 'target' argument and from that argument we need to be able to infer which

build and project it belongs to.

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Update from feedback

Remove unnecessary interface

+review REVIEW-6303

Fix test

+review REVIEW-6303

Test cache concurrency on a lower level than functional test level

Enables better predictability and allows for more control of testing a specific use case.

+review REVIEW-6306

Merge branch 'release'

Merge Hasher and FileSnapshotter into FileHasher

We were using these only to get to the hash of files and stuff anyway. This simplifies the code somewhat, especially tests, because they can now use DefaultFileHasher instead of having to mock several methods.

+review REVIEW-6303

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Indicate that test running with isolated home dir may leak file handle

Add test case for ProjectBuilder to verify proper behavior

Add test fixture for testing serialization

+review REVIEW-6315

Fix test

+review REVIEW-6303

Add test for serializing exception in model field

- more specific test for GRADLE-3307

+review REVIEW-6315

Add special file collection snapshotter for Java classpaths

This snapshotter keeps the order of root files, but sorts elements of any root file tree. This way changes in only the order of the roots is considered a difference, while a change in only the order of non-root elements inside a single root does not considered a difference.

+review REVIEW-6303


+review REVIEW-6303

Test super-class instead

+review REVIEW-6303

Extract classpath snapshot normalization strategy

+review REVIEW-6303

Introduce FileCollectionSnapshotterRegistry

This will allow us to register special file collection snapshotters.

+review REVIEW-6303

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Merge branch 'release'

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Update to build scan version 1.2

Use `buildFinished` hook for buildScanUserData

+review REVIEW-6320

Update to build scan version 1.2

Use `buildFinished` hook for buildScanUserData

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Explicitly flush System.err on Groovy compiler error

System.err is an "auto-flushing" PrintWriter unless it is replaced.

In practice it's a LinePerThreadBufferingOutputStream here, so

definitely not "auto-flushing".

This caused test flakiness and potentially confusing user experience

because of mixed output.

+review REVIEW-6314

Remove unused code

The previous commit made this code unused.

+review REVIEW-6303

Simplify code: OutputFilesSnapshotter

This class doesn't need to be a bona fide FileCollectionSnapshotter - all it did anyway was to delegate those methods to a real FileCollectionSnapshotter. Untie this.

+review REVIEW-6303

Replace usage of Guava in TAPI integration test

- fix "NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/Throwables"

+review REVIEW-6309

Reorganize test code

+review REVIEW-6303

Revert "Don't assume exception is a RuntimeException"

This reverts commit 94fcd10f291c24bcc223f957c7de43068b0441a4.

+review REVIEW-6309