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- Fixed dock display name for gradlew

- Extracted camel-case matching out of TaskNameResovingBuildExecuter, and tweaked the algorithm a bit. - Allow camel-case matching on project names provided on the command-line.

- Switched on naming convention checks for codenarc. - Switched on NeedBraces check for checkstyle.

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Some changes to the 'working with files' chapter

Tightened up checkstyle rules: - Check header of groovy files - Check naming convention is followed in java files

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Some updates to performanceTest build script

Merge branch 'master' of

- Moved SourceSet and related types to gradle-plugins to live with the java stuff - Moved Wrapper task to gradle-wrapper to remove runtime cyclic dependency

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Use the Sync task for the 'ide' task.

- updated to new snapshot - reuse CopySpec for binZip in allZip - use Sync task to install, and assemble int test image - use Copy task to assemble docbook stylesheets image

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GRADLE-745 - Added a Sync task. - Renamed a bunch of CopySpecVisitor implementations

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- Split up the o.g.api.internal.file package a bit. - Moved FileSet out of the public api intoo.g.api.internal.file - Removed ExistingDirsFilter.

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Merge branch 'master' of

Removed TaskAction and ProjectAction. Replaced these with the generic Action.

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GRADLE-679 - Added CopySpec.eachFile(), allows filtering, selection, and path mapping

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Merge branch 'master' of

added the amountOfForksToStart property on NativeTest for the default pipeline

improved pipeline dispatcher stop logic

improvement to refork data gather control

made action on error of the stream writer exec output handle configurable

made action on error of the stream writer exec output handle configurable

extracted logging from fork control into fork info listener

test console report policy improvements

every n test classes refork criteria improvements

fixes to test class detection - GRADLE-713

Wrap original exception when clean fails.

Some build refactoring: - Only use a new timestamp for the distribution version if something in the core source has changed since last time we built - Extracted tasks for docbook -> xhtml and xhtml -> pdf conversions - Changed release task to update the contents of

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Fixed int tests so they don't search upwards when in non-forking mode.

GRADLE-679 - Don't include empty directories in archives