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Add a test for errors emitted from bad dsl elements

Part of gradle/gradle-native#212

Fix model builder classpath includes settings buildscript deps test

Assert model builder classpath includes settings buildscript deps

The test setup is a bit convoluted as it relies on a local maven repo.

It'll be possible to simplify this once we have a way to create

FileCollections propertly, aka. files(..).

Generate lock on demand when dependency is resolved

Express target blocks support by mapping over nullable script templates

Remove script template qualified name from cached script file name

Address minor review comments

Only load headerDependencies once

Merge pull request #3272 from gradle/bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-v0.12.2

Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.12.1 => 0.12.2}

Add a few @UsedByScanPlugin annotations

+review DC-2180

Merge pull request #561 from gradle/eskatos/settings/model-builder

KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder supports settings.gradle.kts

Merge branch 'release' into bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-v0.12.2

Fix build on Linux

Add queryable properties to Swift binaries

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Use installationDirectory over manually writing C++ executable install task in

Remove extra linkFile property

defer this work until later when we can properly push it into the linker spec

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

Flip if condition to avoid negation.

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelIntegrationTest`

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModel`

- Break long line

- Simplify complex comparison using null-safe navigation

- Declare type parameter variance

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

- Dedupe empty AccessorClassPath value

Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.12.1 => 0.12.2}

v0.12.2 includes the fix for #3250 when the applied script is written

in Kotlin.

See #3250

Fix `ImplicitImportsTest` after distro upgrade

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Merge pull request #3263 from gradle/oehme/built-in-scans/second-level-scripts

Fix built-in scans when buildscript block has apply statements

Document `PluginRequestApplication#applyPlugins`

Don't execute plugins block of non top level scripts

And don't bother to request auto-applied plugins either.

Bump version number

Fix command line option in documentation

Short-circuit plugin application when there are no plugin requests