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Removed (old) duplicate ListenerBroadcast in org.gradle.util.

GRADLE-571, GRADLE-635 - Use default title for java/groovy/scala doc when none specified. - Fixed warnings from javadoc when run for mixed language project. - Fixed errors from scaladoc when run for mixed language project.

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fix for GRADLE-582

fixed checkstyle violation

- Some userguide updates for plugin tasks, project layout and source sets - Added/updated copyright header in userguide does. - Some tweaks to samples

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Renamed AbstactArchiveTask.files() to from()

GRADLE-571 - Extracted SourceTask out of Compile - Changed Checkstyle, CodeNarc, Javadoc, Scaladoc and Groovydoc to extend SourceTask - Removed the various properties from Javadoc and Groovydoc which specify what to document, and use the properties from SourceTask - All tasks now honour the include/exclude patterns specified on the SourceSets.

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adding a close image to the GUI output panel instead of an 'x'

Changes to add a listener manager. This includes basic support for remoting listeners across processes.

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Several enhancements to the UI. Added images to buttons. Handle issues with GADLE_HOME when forking.

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Added call to chmod to make the gradle command of the wrapper dist executable.

Fixed unit test for sun jdk

Give the int tests some more heap space.

Added some trace to track down failure on hudson build

Added support for generating groovy projects to the performanceTest project.

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Some sample bits-and-pieces.

GRADLE-571 - Replaced srcDirs property on Compile, GroovyCompile, ScalaCompile with src property, which can accept any of the types handled by Project.files() - Wire up the include/exclude patterns on SourceSet so they are honoured by the various compile tasks. Added int test for this. - Use a transitive configuration when resolving the groovy classpath to pass to the Groovy tasks, to handle case where dependency is declared on 'groovy' is used instead of 'groovy-all'. - Added SourceSet.allSource property.

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GRADLE-571 - Introduced IsolatedAntBuilder which provides a builder style API for executing Ant tasks, identical to AntBuilder. - Simplified assembly of ClassLoaders in BootstrapMain, so that only a single ClassLoader is built containing logging + everything else. Simplifies life for embedders too. - No Gradle classes or libraries are visible to the ant+groovy versions used to execute the isolated build. - Cache and reuse ClassLoader for a given ant+groovy classpath.

- Allow @SkipWhenEmpty to be attached to @InputDirectory property

GRADLE-571 - Added overloaded FileCollection.addToAntBuilder() which allows the caller to specify the target ant type: ResourceCollection, FileSet or MatchingTask.

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- Cleaned up some of the dependencies in the build scripts - Extracted intTestImage task out of the integTest tasks - Reuse same gradle home for all int tests in all projects - Include :gradle-ui:integTest in developer/ci/release/upload builds

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Got the implementation title and version back in the jars.

Removed obsolete imports.

Fixed broken unit test.

Added cookbook link to sidebar. Removed Browse Source link from sidebar.

Changed Javadoc of Project. The examples how delegation work do not use the soon obsolete createTask method any longer.

GRADLE-620 Task eclipse doesn't put file references of dependencies into project's classpath. War does not pick up file dependencies from configurations. - Factored out Eclipse integration test from SampleJavaMulti

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Potential fix for broken int test on teamcity

Switch this off temporarily.