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Merge pull request #4631 from gradle/hansd/restructureGradleDir

Restructured top level Gradle dir

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Use gradlePluginPortal() method and add missing disable property

Merge pull request #4633 from gradle/lptr/core/deprecate-task-delete-all-actions

Deprecate Task.deleteAllActions()

Replace more options by method call

Fix generating IDE code style settings

Merge pull request #4628 from gradle/wolfs/kotlin-dsl/testing-to-kotlin

Convert Test tasks to Kotlin

Rebaseline all performance tests

To lock in recent improvements and accept a few

minor regressions.

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Fix IDE copyright header configuration

This is currently done in a dirty way while looking for a better solution,

which is most likely to move away from JSoup and find something else.

Fix test

Introduce the concept of capabilities

Capabilities are a new first-class concept in Gradle, living along variants. They can be used to model

components which "provide the same capability". For example, two different implementations of the same

API can provide the same capability, but it's illegal to have both on the dependency graph: the user

must choose between one of the two.

This commit introduces the ability to declare capabilities at the variant level, for now only using

component metadata rules. Capabilities participate in conflict resolution: as soon as we find that two

modules in the graph provide the same capability, we fail. There's currently no way to prefer one over

the other (this is going to be implemented in a subsequent commit). This means that if such a conflict

occurs, the user must select the right module appropriately using component selection rules or module

metadata rules.

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Add @Incubating and @since annotations

To MultipleBuildActionsException.

Signed-off-by: Lucas Smaira <>

Deprecate Task.deleteAllActions()

Removing task actions is a bad idea, we shouldn't support it. This is a step towards making it impossible to remove actions already added to a task.

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Refactor code for walking bean properties (#4546)

Now there is only one queue, and the different types of nodes do the

work visiting the properties/expanding the collections.

We now also detect cycles in static analysis.

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Fixed broken test on Windows.

Remove unnecessary type declarations

Fixed broken test on Windows.

Reworked some test fixture methods for clarity.

Revert the initial implementation of capabilities

Revert "Remove the `Preference` inner class"

Revert "Add test case showing limitation of the current implementation of capabilities"

Revert "Report error whenever two modules in the graph disagree on a preference"

Revert "Support capabilities with project dependencies"

Revert "Consume capabilities from external modules"

Revert "Handle case of conflicting resolution in case multiple capabilities are found"

Revert "Make sure that conflict resolution on version still kicks in"

Revert "Wire capabilities handling into conflict resolution"

Revert "Introduce `CapabilitiesHandlerInternal`"

Revert "Validate module notations in capabilities"

Revert "Introduce the concept of "capabilities""

This reverts commit a6248b2c4e7a810051112fc2169c97d341b9f007.

This reverts commit 76e88732f403d1b295c879bdee0b0a92887e4173.

This reverts commit d9dbe0f6d909604d31857504133440f92996d3f3.

This reverts commit ac3ffa467dd73314b4526b79df3cedf6db4e6c13.

This reverts commit 97f523cd78cdca3819a8a6d65d33b72f8b972646.

This reverts commit d4c02e3f13340ce2d6114cd17f741ac51fee7796.

This reverts commit 4d4d71eb26a2828ff37fe700ae55530d9fff711d.

This reverts commit b0c962468a54affd3eaad8a5df698287d5a1ab4f.

This reverts commit 4030f642397f46330670b99cd6252e92684c53a1.

This reverts commit 80f39f5465990c870dac59b61ade4d8c68839fe2.

This reverts commit 8c0e02833303ea1a6a4e57af48278f24672c98ff.

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Reworked some test fixture methods for clarity.

Added some javadocs.

Reworked some fixture methods for clarity. Added some more checks to C++ incremental compile tests.

Address review feedback

Simplified a test fixture method.

Added some more C++ incremental compile test cases.

Moved publicApi script to buildSrc/configuration and polish

- Removed extra property usage for public api includes/excludes

- Added missing gradlebuild prefix to jmh and cleanup plugin

Restructured top level Gradle dir

- Created init-scripts and shared-with-buildSrc sub directories

- Renamed a couple of scripts from camel case to kebap case

- Moved classycle resources to config directory

- Migrated build-scan-init script to Kotlin

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Added some test coverage for C++ incremental compile for some more complex include file scenarios.

Don't apply deleted script

Deleted obsolete build script test-with-unknown-os