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(GRADLE-1437) Updated docs for IdeaModule, moduleName and outputFile properties. Added examples when necessary

Removed the hack with 1 secs turned into a regex. Now it's using the simple regex mechanism I introduced in previous commit

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Fixed the tests. On some environments (like mine) the checksums generated by ant are different than the expected values. HOWEVER our test should depend on the ant output too much especially when we just want to test if gradle works with ant.

- relaxed assertion so that it uses regex for checking the antChecksum sample

- extended the sample runner in a very simple way so that it supports regexp

GRADLE-1202 Made the exception message friendlier. Now the user gets an extra hint how to fix the problem.

added license header


introduced class SystemProperties

- refactored existing code to make use of it

- some minor code cleanups along the way

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Added missing header to keep checkstyle happy

Fixed issue GRADLE-1436: on some Locales, there were test failures & slightly incorrect jUnit test reports execution time (fraction of seconds floored).

Merge branch 'master' of into hamlet

GRADLE-1433, GRADLE-1434, GRADLE-1435 - Fixed typos in user guide

Updated training dates for website. Added qi4j to projects using Gradle.

use existing constants instead of literals

Fixed problem with the codenarc yelling about invalid names for inner classes. Changed the codenarc rule

made Sonar task non-incremental (because it doesn't make sense for it to be incremental)


Sonar plugin fixes

- tell Sonar about the project's name

- put all compile dependencies on Sonar's library path, and do it right

minor code improvements

- extracted private method

- introduced constant for task name

GRADLE-1432 - Use junit's Runner API to execute tests, rather than old Test API, to remove heap leak - Changed junit test report to show ignored tests, now that we have this information.

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Fixes to make performanceTest source generation much faster

Sonar plugin fixes

fixed Sonar sample

made test base class abstract

further documentation for the Sonar plugin

improved convention mapping for Sonar task

further documentation for the Sonar plugin

further documentation for the Sonar plugin

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updated the Code-Quality codenarc dependency to version 0.13 of CodeNarc.

Sonar plugin improvements

added chapter on Sonar plugin to the user guide

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