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Infer classpath for classes used in Eclipse.

Fallback to Class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation() if protocol

other than file: is used by ClassLoader. Also be aware of common file layout in

Eclipse/PDE development setup.

Toggle for wrapping longer lines in 'code' blocks.

- Previously feature was developed in the #342.

- Summary:

- If lines inside 'span.code pre' selector are longer then a screen width, it is very hard to read and interpret results properly.

- At the bottom of the page check-box will appear, which enables/disables line wrapping.

- Visually check-box is not distinctive from the footer, but is a part of it.

- After toggling, it will wrap lines with small amount of CSS.

- All CSS properties are supported by major browsers (included IE 8 and above).

- Sources:




- Feature was extensively tested on Firefox, IE (from 7 to 11), Google Chrome, Chromium and Opera.

- Test were performed on Linux and Windows 7.

- As agreed in #342 feature does not use any form of persistence.

Merged LoggingServiceRegistry.newCommandLineProcessLogging() and newProcessLogging() as they effectively do the same thing.

Fix the ‘play new’ sample to match what is actually created

Configure application sources on PlayApp component instead of PlayApp binary

Fix broken test fixture

Adding error handling integration tests for component metadata rules

+review REVIEW-5218

Started introducing source-sets to play component model

- Added sourceSet for generated scala sources

- This allows separate configuration of twirl/routes compile tasks from scala compile task

- Introduce (untyped) source set for app scala sources

- This separates configuration of source directories from task configuration

- Not yet user configurable (later story)

Revert find/replace error

Provide better error message when ArchiveTestFixture.assertContainsFile fails

Introduced an intermediate ‘JvmClasses’ element to the play model

- This separates the step of compiling classes (and transforming assets) from

bundling these classes/resources into a Jar

- This abstraction will be moved to be part of the jvm component model

Fix BuildInvocations javadoc.

Reworked plugins userguide chapter to be cleaner and include applying plugins with buildscript block

+review REVIEW-5255

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Don't require managed model super types to be annotated with @Managed

+review REVIEW-5265

rename play multi version test

+review REVIEW-5263

Merge fixes of Play Run Spec

Allow managed model types to extend other managed model types

+review REVIEW-5265


Invalidation of cached classloaders - integ test

Added validation of the classloader cache size. The size should not grow when user performs standard operations. The test fails for now.

+review REVIEW-5219


Versioned Play Run Spec

Separated ‘dependency-management-for-jvm-components’ into 2 design docs

- ‘component-model-for-jvm-components’ is about declaring how a jvm component is built, using the new configuration model

- ‘dependency-management-for-jvm-components’ is about dependency resolution within this model

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Move some play tests into PlayApplicationCrossVersionTest

+review REVIEW-5263

Add coverage for failing play tests

+review REVIEW-5263

Revert "Build OSGi compatible version of Tooling API."

This reverts commit bbdcad3a15ab8db54e0ff0957d578f354ae48604.

Revert "Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes."

This reverts commit ba99b3aadc153dddd3242644a63f11224b57bd8c.

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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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Ignore/fix a bunch of tests now that model elements can't be inserted at nested paths in the graph (i.e. they must be inserted via the parent).

The ignored tests will be fixed and unignored soon.

+review REVIEW-5264

Allow '-' in model link names, at least for now.

+review REVIEW-5264