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Moved parallel artifact resolution up so that it is applied as a single batch across all artifacts, regardless of type, and is applied regardless of which query API is being used to perform the resolution.

Previously there were issues with inconsistency, for example artifact transforms for all local file dependency artifacts were resolved in parallel and then resolved all other artifacts. Or parallel resolution did not happen when triggered using some of the public APIs.

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Add test coverage for #1873

+review REVIEW-6507

Mention Chris Gavin in the release notes

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Use `BuildProjectRegistry` to build Idea project in composite

Instead of tracking projects from Included builds separately via

`CompositeBuildContext.allProjects`, we now use `BuildProjectRegistry.allProjects`

together with registered artifacts to build the IdeaProject file for

a composite build.

Fix equality for DefaultProjectDescriptor

The previous equality method was assuming a common parent

descriptor shared by all instances. This is no longer the case,

so equality and hashcode have been updated to check parent.

Fix a broken method from the signing subproject. (#1679)

* Fix a broken method from the signing subproject.

* Add a test to ensure the `signatureType` method works.

* Remove `Sign.signatureType` method from the signing subproject.

Removed unused method from `CompositeBuildContext`

Setup logging lazily

Worker processes can't start receiving requests before their logging

is set up. By deferring part of this work until the first log message is sent,

they can start working a bit earlier.

Revert "Don't include path to file in content hash for individual files"

This reverts commit 45ae4af0990bcc9e27043e18c249b07a448d4453.

Don't include path to file in content hash for individual files

We only need to track the file path inside a jar

+review REVIEW-6507

Changed a couple of integration tests to use `BlockingHttpServer` fixture instead of using ad hoc synchronisation mechanisms.

Changed `BlockingHttpServer` to allow it to return the contents of a file for a particular response.

Removed unused class.

Change repository test fixtures to allow the repository path and backing file of artifacts to be queried by test.

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Reworked `BlockingHttpServer`. Converted to Java and changed the implementation to use the JVM's HTTP server types instead of Jetty internals.

Simplified test case.

Log Maven output to file

Move all locking during task selection into a single thread

Mark log events with their associated build operation id

Use BuildOperationIdentifierRegistry in all of the places where

we generate renderable output events to set build operation id.

Serialize Operation identifiers coming from forked processes.

Use Builder pattern for constructing renderable output events to

avoid an explosion of constructors while maintaining forward

compatibility. (0 uses of StyledTextOutputEvent in non-forked

repos, so removed those constructors, they're internal anyway)

Reuse BuildOperation ids through progress logging where we


Issue: #1611

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Reactivate all Maven vs Gradle tests

Make maven comparison fair

We were comparing Maven in quiet logging mode vs. Gradle with

normal logging, giving Maven an unfair advantage in scenarios that

involve a lot of logging.

Fix Antlr*Tests

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Track ownership of resource locks

Polish `KotlinScriptRootPlugin`

Extract cache properties to field

- Makes it easier to find it

- Avoids recreating the map on every query to the cache

Bump cache version due to the latest API changes

Mention Piotr Kubowicz in the release notes

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Merge pull request #1395 from pkubowicz/insight-configuration

Default to compileClasspath for dependencyInsight task

Merge pull request #1850 from gradle/so-java-publishing

Fix Java component publishing

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