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Deduplicate IDE modules based on available projects

Instead of de-duplication based on post-processing the configured

IDE module names, de-duplication is now done for the default IDE

module names, based on the set of available projects. This results

in slightly more predictable behaviour, since the default name of

a module is not dependent on which projects have the IDE plugin


In addition, we now _always_ honour the user-configured IDE module

name, even if this will result in a duplicate name.

Add more test coverage for IDE deduplication

Update docs for deprecated classes/methods that will be left in core

Revert "Remove TaskInternal.isCacheable()"

This reverts commit d2785c3bc5e1ab3aeb86570ef1930e486b661bcb.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lp-remove-deprecations-for-4.0'

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Reword error message and release notes

+review REVIEW-6504

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Make TaskExecutionStatistics event listener stateless

Issue: #1639

Favor property syntax over setter invocation

Remove unnecessary `` imports

Make TaskExecutionStatistics event handling logic clearer

Issue: #1639

Unify BuildOperationExecutor and BuildOperationProcessor APIs

This introduces the following `BuildOperationExecutor`

interface (as outlined in gradle/gradle#1676):

void run(RunnableBuildOperation buildOperation);

<T> T call(CallableBuildOperation<T> buildOperation);

<O extends RunnableBuildOperation> void runAll(

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

<O extends BuildOperation> void runAll(

BuildOperationWorker<O> worker,

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

To accomplish this, the following changes were performed:

- Various representation of build operations have been merged into

1) BuildOperation (with sub-interfaces)

-> declare and describe a build operation

2) BuildOperationDescriptor (BuildOperationDescriptor.Builder)

-> describe a build operation

3) BuildOperationState

-> represents a running build operation, with run state, start time,

parent relationship information, and description

- The DefaultBuildOperationExecutor and DefaultBuildOperationProcessor

implementations have been merged in DefaultBuildOperationExecutor,

which is now build session scoped.

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Make project lock map thread safe

Update release notes for disallowed runtime modification of copy tasks

+review REVIEW-6504

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Disallow modifying child copy specs during task execution

We used to do this already when task output caching was enabled. Now we do it even if it’s not enabled.

+review REVIEW-6504

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Polish parameter name

+review REVIEW-6503

Address review items

+review REVIEW-6503

Add a strongly typed setter for maven & ivy PluginRepository url property

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#256

Add a strongly typed setter for IvyArtifactRepository url property

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#256

Fix test for Java 9

This is probably broken because of

Display tasks statistics summary for root project only

Using the same logic as applied in BuildProgressFilter, compare

the started/finished Gradle instances and only fire

buildFinished() in the statistics listener for root project build.

Add test coverage asserting this

Issue: #1639

Simplified resolving name of dependent IDE module

For any project that has the appropriate IDE plugin applied, the

name will be taken from the 'published' IDE metadata artifact.

For a project without the IDE plugin applied, we derive the project

name from the project path.

Test IDE deduplication in composite builds

Adds integration test coverage for de-duplication of IDEA module

names in a composite build.

Move task dependency check after project lock

Cache projectlocks in the task execution plan

Cache task dependency complete status

Favor `<expr>.run { ... }` over `with (<expr>) { ... }`

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Remove deprecated task caching system properties

+review REVIEW-6503

Renamed a method on `ArtifactVisitor`.