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Extract cache properties to field

- Makes it easier to find it

- Avoids recreating the map on every query to the cache

Bump cache version due to the latest API changes

Mention Piotr Kubowicz in the release notes

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Merge pull request #1395 from pkubowicz/insight-configuration

Default to compileClasspath for dependencyInsight task

Merge pull request #1850 from gradle/so-java-publishing

Fix Java component publishing

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Fix unqualified method reference in docs/userguide/signingPlugin.xml

Different build operations for configure and cross-configure project

Adds operation descriptor details to Configure Project build operation.

Fix *ForkOptionsTest

Add missing type safe events setter on TestLogging

Add missing type safe source setter on SourceTask

Add missing type safe events setter on TestLogging

Add missing type safe collections setters on *ForkOptions & *ExecSpec

Make validation warnings read like sentences

+review REVIEW-6501

Minor edits on release notes

+review REVIEW-6501

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Add a separate project registry service for a composite

To enable de-duplication of names across all projects in a composite build,

the de-duplicator requires knowledge of all projects up-front.

The `BuildProjectRegistry` service provides this information.

Extracted project name de-duplication into a service

Rename `NamedDomainObjectContainer{Configuration => Scope}`

Rename `ClientModule{Configuration => Scope}`


- Normalise placement of `private`, `protected`, `internal` and

`inline` modifiers

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Execute Kotlin build scripts when computing the classpath

But ignore errors because any classpath is better than no classpath.

See #339

Return previous dependencies when TAPI model request fails

See #249

Add missing type safe buildDir setter on Project

Add missing type safe collections setters on several conventions/extensions/models/dsl-types

Use Enum.getDeclaringClass() to avoid NPE in comparing enums

Merge pull request #332 from gradle/pm-remove-ProjectExtensionsTaskRegistrationAction

Remove ProjectExtensionsTaskRegistrationAction, apply a plugin instead

Add missing type safe setters on several conventions/extensions/models/dsl-types

Add missing type safe setters on several tasks

Polish PlayCoffeeScriptCompile and TaskGeneratedSingle*Report tasks

Remove now unnecessary noop overridden setters

Only download metadata in parallel

This commit builds on top of the parallel dependency resolution, but limits it to parallel download of metadata. It introduces

an API to determine if the network is effectively going to be hit, in which case edges are added to the queue of work to be

done in parallel. If not (locally available), everything is done serially. This is done because of important contention on

the global lock coordination service lock, which kills performance.

Log timestamp of `log` invocation