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Revert "Temporarily remove config that fails to sync"

This reverts commit acd87a3a12896b35d6c8c90511b08be36573c961.

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Temporarily remove config that fails to sync

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Move plugin id under the org.gradle namespace

To be published on the plugin portal.

Keeping the `embedded-kotlin` accessor.

Polish EmbeddedKotlinPlugin

Fix jvm vendor

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Fix jvm vendor

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Move tests out of TC-managed folder

Remove redundancy from Kotlin-based CI configuration

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Split GskModule into GskModule & GskPublishedModule in buildSrc

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Some formatting

Refine embedded repository creation

Use a `repo` subfolder to rule out cache metadata files

Version the cache key and add embeddedKotlinVersion to it

Gradle version is not sufficient during development (eg. Kotlin :up:),

more safety should not harm.

Introduce `embedded-kotlin` plugin dependency spec accessor

Replace ad-hoc task implementation with WriteProperties

Add plugin publication to the portal

Improve test coverage for changes to setTestNameIncludePattern and add a section of potential breaking changes in release note

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:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.3 :tada:

Resolves #387

:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.2 :tada:

Toward Kotlin 1.1.3 (#387).

Rename NestedCompositeBuildIntegrationTest

Remove unnecessary `` file from subprojects

Favour configuration block syntax over delegated property

Favour generated accessor over explicitly typed `configure` call

Change WorkerDirectoryProvider to use GFileUtils.mkdirs()

Remove `plugins` project from the list of published projects

The list should only contain modules to be published with the Gradle


Merge pull request #2249 from gradle/gh/worker-api/working-directory

Worker daemons set working directory only during execution

embedded-kotlin integration tests now use the live dev distribution

And fail with an obscure java.lang.VerifyError

Introduce embedded-kotlin plugin

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Merge pull request #2256 from gradle/rbo/DefaultFileLockManager

Always retry locking operation after waking up

Compiler daemons use un-serialized execution specs

Allow worker daemons to specify keep alive mode

Let first imported BOM win, like in Maven