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Preserve compatibility with `kotlin-dsl`

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Fixed class decoration to handle properties with a getter whose return type is a subtype of `PropertyState`.

Fixed task input and output handling for the change to `Directory` and `RegularFile`.

Changed `Directory` and `RegularFile` so that they do not extend `Provider<File>` as these types represent some immutable location, rather than some calculated value.

Also added `FileSystemLocation` as a common supertype for these types to allow a consumer to declare that they accept a directory or a file or any file system element.

Merged some `PropertyState` implementations and moved some `Provider` implementations into a `Providers` class.

Support additional imports in Twirl templates

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Tweaked error message when setting `PropertyState` to some incompatible value.

Added some validation to `PropertyState.set()` to fail when a value is provided that is not compatible with the property's type.

Retain a reference to `buildFile` in `DefaultProject`

Each `DefaultProject` instance already retains a reference to the `buildFile`

via it's `ScriptHandler`. However, accessing `buildFile` in this way is

relatively expensive: this was exposed by a new build operation that is emitted

containing this information. By retaining a direct reference to the `buildFile`

this overhead is avoided.

Add XCTest framework for macOS (#2722)

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Added some convenience to the Groovy DSL to allow properties of type `PropertyState<T>` to be set using either a `T` or a `Provider<? extends T>` if the relevant setter is not already present.

Properly serialize LogGroupHeaderEvents

Polish `CorePluginResolver`

- Compose method

- Add static imports to shorten lines and improve flow

- Call `getNamespace()` only once to avoid garbage

Fix some tests that check output

Reduce flakiness in native parallel tests

Add javadoc to setters as well

Avoid creating an additional `Action` to configure JUnit

Merge pull request #2693 from gradle/gh/stable-native/better-queue

Build operation queue wait thread can execute operations

Fix merge issues

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Ask contributor to enable option "Allow edits from maintainers" (#2743)

Fix bug in ListValueSnapshotter

Ignore failing test for now

Use current setting in TC instead of settings from VCS

This might speed up "checking for changes" and/or build startup.

Do not publish status of build-cache-deactivated chain to GitHub

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Remove subproject exists check step

This is now handled by the gradle/gradle build. See:

Separate snapshotting and comparing task executions (#2735)

This way we have all the snapshotting logic in one place, and the comparison logic in another. Makes the code much simpler and easier to extend and test.

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Remove unused import

Fix test tasks to build type assignments

Revert to defining constant in-place

For Javadoc.

+review REVIEW-6562

Fix expression