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Comment out failing test to fix CI

Show console on all LogLevel (#1925)

* Add log level filtering as BuildLogLevelFilterRenderer

* Send to client all progress event regardless of their LogLevel

Add integration test for cached external scripts with Kotlin DSL

- Apply Groovy script from Kotlin build

- Apply Kotlin script from Kotlin build

Add Gradle property for logging (#1927)

* Add global property

* Read new property to determine log level

* Document the new log.level property

* Review feedback

* Expand test coverage and make testing more explicit

Fix unchecked casting failure

Fix failing tests with NPE

Ignore failing tests in PluginUnderTestMetadataIntegrationTest for now

Expose Build Cache Configuration through a Build Operation.

Rework canonicalization of build file path, because the file could be a symlink

Improve code according to Lorant suggestion

Remove rootProject.buildFileName = ‘build.gradle.kts’ from settings files

See #37

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Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Merge pull request #1936 from gradle/dl-issue-1923

Fix wrong usage of `@Classpath` annotation

Fix checkstyle

Consistently canonicalize settings file

Reuse `FileUtils#canonicalize`

Rename destroys to destroyables and add incubating annotations

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Reduce the number of file canonicalizations

This commit reduces the number of file canonicalizations which happen during the build in 2 ways:

- if the file we're manipulating has already been canonicalized, return it

- avoid canonicalization of the same file multiple times in `DefaultProjectDescriptor` and avoid to perform the canonicalization until required

Clean up cache integration tests

Fix warning with PluginUnderTestMetadata#pluginClasspath property

Extract test fixture for HttpBuildCache

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Error when a task defines both inputs/outputs and destroyables

Revert back to returning an Iterable using CollectionUtils

Fix test

Fix checkstyle

Apply plugins by id

See #351

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Return a List instead of Iterable

Polish Android sample with generated accessors

See #351

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Fix `hello-android` sample

Tested with Android Studio 2.3.1.

See #351

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Address code review comments