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ugly fix to solve GRADLE-539

Merge branch 'master' of

cleaned up test class detection

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Moved integration test properties into tasks. Some other little clean ups.

Refactored build to make it cleaner. Removed svn release management code from buildSrc. Refactored jdk1.4 retro translation into custom task. Refactored install into custom task. Refactored remote locations properties into class for docs.

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Fixed int test for linux

Some minor tidy-ups

Started defining inputs and output for the userguide generation tasks, so that incremental builds work for them.

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GRADLE-680 - Fixed NPE when attempting to execute a task that has never successfully executed. - Fixed some hotspots in up-to-date checking - Serialize less stuff, use custom serialization for some stuff - Ported FileSet to java

GRADLE-680 - Treat all files in a task's input directory as input files. - Renamed methods on TaskInputs and TaskOutputs

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Fixed CompositeFileCollection.getAsFileTree() to return a live FileTree.

Changed Project.file() to accept a Closure or Callable.

Updated to a new snapshot

Merge branch 'master' of

GRADLE-680 - Distinguish between tasks that cannot accept input or produce output, and those tasks which do but are configured to have no input or output files. - Improved checking for whether output artifacts exist. - Changed --no-opt to disable up-to-date checks, rather than the onlyIf predicates. - Moved some responsibilities around in the TaskExecuter chain, so that we don't bother doing an up-to-date check for disabled tasks (eg when doing a --dry-run). - Removed -o command-line option, still available as --no-opt.

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made memory parameters for :core:test overidable with custom values.

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GRADLE-702 Maven deployer uses the repositories specified in the user's settings.xml, rather than those specified in the build file. Gradle now ignores any existing settings.xml file.

Use non-forking int tests by default for developerBuild

GRADLE-707 - Some words and a sample

Fixed potential NPE

GRADLE-701 - Generate poms into $buildDir/poms, rather than build/poms

GRADLE-709 - Auto-wire the dependencies of the Upload task - Added Configuration.getAllArtifactFiles(), returns a FileCollection containing the artifacts of the configuration. - Don't add the build<conf> and upload<conf> rules when there are no configurations in the project

Fixed a memory leak in the InProcessGradleExecuter, and reduced the amount of heap required for the non-forking int tests

Fix for CI builds: don't mess with user's ~/.gradle in unit tests

Gradle-704 Cannot deploy artifacts with classifier to a maven repository

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Some updates to the performanceTest projects for large projects

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GRADLE-707, GRADLE-680: - Added TaskActionListener interface. Allows listeners to receive notification of a task doing some work - Exposed more listener interfaces via GradleLauncher.addListener() and Gradle.addListener(). - Introduced the concept of a logger: a listener which has the responsibility of logging the events. - Allow the logger for a given type to be replaced via Gradle.useLogger() - Extracted task execution logging out of the various TaskExecuter impls into TaskExecutionLogger - Removed duplicated JUL messages

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GRADLE-691 - Removed Groovydoc.packagenames property (again)

GRADLE-656 - Added 'checkstyleProperties' convention property

GRADLE-706 - Use convention mapping when task property value is an empty collection or map, and the property value has not been explicitly set using setter method.

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