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Converted a couple more JMock tests to Spock

Attempt to reproduce 'loader constraint violation'

This is a work in progress attempt at reproducing the 'loader constraint

violation' observed when defining the following task:

task<Zip>("repackageKotlinCompilerEmbeddable") {

baseName = "kotlin-compiler-embeddable"

version = "${kotlinVersion}a"

extension = "jar"

entryCompression = ZipEntryCompression.STORED

from(Callable {

val files = configurations.getByName("compile").files

zipTree(files.single { })



destinationDir = buildDir

description = "Repackages '$baseName:$version' to remove broken META-INF/services files"


Which caused the following error:

loader constraint violation: when resolving method




the class loader (instance of

org/jetbrains/kotlin/codegen/GeneratedClassLoader) of the current

class, Build_gradle, and the class loader (instance of

org/gradle/internal/classloader/MutableURLClassLoader) for the method's

defining class, org/gradle/script/lang/kotlin/ProjectExtensionsKt, have

different Class objects for the type kotlin/reflect/KClass used in the


See #25

Fix test so that it doesn't leak test output file

Ignore test until problem is fixed

Replace leaky JMock test with shiny new Spock test

Changed class decoration to use more efficient `ConfigureUtil` instead of `ClosureBackedAction` for closure backed methods that are mixed in to the class.


Use `ConfigureUtil` instead of `ClosureBackedAction` in a couple of places.

Kill foreground daemon at the end of test

Fix test so that outputs are cleaned up

Fix a test which was failing on Windows.

Mark item done

+review REVIEW-6016

Clarify Javadocs

- The implementation already ensures that the name cannot be changed after creation.

- The name of a created PrebuiltLibraries cannot be changed. No need to implement similar "lock" logic.

+review REVIEW-6016

Ignore test if no 1.5 or 1.6 JDK is found

DefaultPersistentDirectoryCacheTest no leaky.

:model-core should no longer leak test output files

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    • +0
add broken test for GRADLE-3460

Fixed package cycle in integration test fixtures

Merged AbstractProject into DefaultProject and BaseSettings into DefaultSettings.

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    • +1
Use the fixture to kill isolated daemons

Test still leaks file handles on Windows

When using the embedded executer, the plugin jar is not

released when the build completes, and so cannot be

removed on test completion.

Changed unit tests to use Project or ProjectInternal instead of the implementation classes.

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
Removed an unused field.

Use newer agentlib:jdwp JVMTI interface in debugger options

- replace usage of deprecated pre-JDK 5 JVMDI interface arguments

- see

- GRADLE-3459

+review REVIEW-6017

Kill the daemon, free the file handle

"Remove two old TAPI models"

Make CrossBuildScriptCachingIntegrationSpec test require an isolated daemon

Make CrossBuildScriptCachingIntegrationSpec test require an isolated daemon

Introduced a fixture for killing isolated daemons created in integration tests

Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'