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Rebase all performance test to latest nightly

This version includes all changes of 4.5 GA and the changes

for 4.6 on master (merge commit 94a7230).

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Updated performance tests to minimum 4.5 (#4140)

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Updated performance tests to minimum 4.5 (#4140)

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Fix Swift/C++ interop incremental test to change header in a way that affects linking

Incremental compilation for Swift

Add test case illustrating dependencies from BOMs

This commit adds a test case showing that dependencies which version is

determined thanks to a BOM file are properly displayed as `via constraint`.

The test fixture for Maven publications has been updated to that we can

easily create BOMs, by specifying dependency constraints.

Adjust fields order

Remove unused comments

Show that a constraint was used in the dependency insight report

This commit adds a new cause for a component selection reason, `CONSTRAINT`, which is used

whenever a constraint has been used during selection. This lets us recognize, in the resolution

result API, when a constraint has been applied. The dependency insight report makes use of

that information to show a `via constraint` label in that case.

If a dependency constraint also provides a custom reason, then the message displayed in the

report mentions both `via constraint` and the custom reason.

Adjust field order

Mark field as final

Run clean before performance tests

We used to only run a few specific clean tasks,

which was somewhat useful before the build cache

existed. Now it is completely unnecesssary and just

wasting disk space.

Make script compilation error output nicer (#688)

By showing the very first script compilation error prominently.

By reporting multiple compilation errors, displaying them in context

Presentation is a bit different, but this brings Kotlin DSL script

compilation error reporting to parity with the Groovy DSL.

See #683

Add subproject testingJunitPlatform

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Generated Swift PM manifest file includes dependencies on other targets in the generated package. External dependencies are not yet included.

Let Groovy DSL script compilation cache hold weak references to ClassLoaders

And remove useless build-scope in-memory cache layer

Fix failures on CI

Initial support for JUnit 5

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Generated Swift PM manifest file includes the source files and path for each target.

updating Tests with review comments

Signed-off-by: Devi Sridharan <>

Generated Swift PM manifest file includes a product and target for each production C++ and Swift component.

Added a 'swiftpm-export' plugin which can generate a Swift Package Manager manifest file for the current build. In this change, the plugin generates an empty manifest file.

Tweak to error message.

Remove Java8-specific getOrDefault() in favor of Groovy get()

Refactor SourceSet bridging from the software model for Visual Studio

The filtered file collections were not capturing the task dependencies

since the dependencies are associated with the LanguageSourceSet and

not the file collections themselves.

Move VisualStudioExtension to a project extension

Add @since annotations

Introduce task for cleaning up accepted API changes (#4139)

This task is called when initiating the branching process.

Add more coverage for injected plugins into an included build

Detangle software model objects from visual studio model

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