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Inlined apply plugin build operation

User service registry instead of adding an additional accessor

Report task outcome statistics after build finishes

This changes the format of the Build Result to have consistent

duration display to the console.

- Move TerseDurationFormatter and reuse it for BuildResultLogger.

Inject a DurationFormatter into the BuildResultLogger with a

concrete TersePrettyDurationFormatter impl.

- Remove cache stats reporting

- Fix tests that scrape build result message

Issue: #1639

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use a local variable vs a method for determining if we're using a remote build cache

+review REVIEW-6496

For tasks that do not execute, report an unknown cacheability

+review REVIEW-6493

Capture current behavior of cacheability reasons

+review REVIEW-6493

Merge branch 'ew-4.0'. Bump version.txt to 4.0

Change resource lock registry to use Cache instead of Map

Change resource lock registry to use Cache instead of Map

Remove deprecated constructors and methods in ide module (#1732)

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Do not depend on default charset when hashing

+review REVIEW-6495

Clean up relationship between resource locks and registry

Clean up relationship between resource locks and registry

Revert ":arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.1 :tada:"

This reverts commit 041c3b5f3c6ce3c93196d478044d078de522f781.

Revert "Decorrelate the embedded kotlin and nebula.kotlin versions in samples"

This reverts commit 149ee7fecb88d6fe455a73039f1b83d7d3b7ce3b.

Update Android Studio version to 2.3

Don't put the resource into the root of the jar

+review REVIEW-6495

Track file paths for contents of @Classpath input properties

+review REVIEW-6495

Adjust integration test setup to PluginManager and Gradle changes

Fix project list accessor call

Move determining task cacheability to earlier

+review REVIEW-6493

Add integ tests for plugin application as part of project configuration

Add build operations for cross-script project configuration

Adds also build operations for `allprojects`, `subprojects`, and

`rootProject` configuration blocks.

Add build operations for plugin application

Enable verbose output for the Kotlin daemon on CI

Use Internal annotation on interface to avoid task property validation issues

Recognize @lhotari for fixing a daemon memory leak

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Merge pull request #1736 from lhotari/lh-fix-issue-1730

Fix memory leak in DefaultDaemonScanInfo

Kill daemons before any other task

The "killExistingDaemons" setup was broken. It was only adding a

dependency on projects that do use integration testing. But we

want the killing to happen before *any* task. Otherwise it will

kill compiler daemons of projects like baseServices, which comes

early and has no integration tests.

Enable parallel by default

This commit enabled the `--parallel` switch by default on the Gradle build itself. This is done so

that we can highlight potential problems of running in parallel, in particular now that we got rid

of the fat lock around dependency resolution.