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Fix a test which was failing on Windows.

Mark item done

+review REVIEW-6016

Clarify Javadocs

- The implementation already ensures that the name cannot be changed after creation.

- The name of a created PrebuiltLibraries cannot be changed. No need to implement similar "lock" logic.

+review REVIEW-6016

Ignore test if no 1.5 or 1.6 JDK is found

DefaultPersistentDirectoryCacheTest no leaky.

:model-core should no longer leak test output files

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add broken test for GRADLE-3460

Fixed package cycle in integration test fixtures

Merged AbstractProject into DefaultProject and BaseSettings into DefaultSettings.

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Use the fixture to kill isolated daemons

Test still leaks file handles on Windows

When using the embedded executer, the plugin jar is not

released when the build completes, and so cannot be

removed on test completion.

Changed unit tests to use Project or ProjectInternal instead of the implementation classes.

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Removed an unused field.

Use newer agentlib:jdwp JVMTI interface in debugger options

- replace usage of deprecated pre-JDK 5 JVMDI interface arguments

- see

- GRADLE-3459

+review REVIEW-6017

Kill the daemon, free the file handle

"Remove two old TAPI models"

Make CrossBuildScriptCachingIntegrationSpec test require an isolated daemon

Make CrossBuildScriptCachingIntegrationSpec test require an isolated daemon

Introduced a fixture for killing isolated daemons created in integration tests

Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'

Revert "Remove two old TAPI models"

This reverts commit f56ce5c444437ee81d5d6044483cce4c544254ae.

Stop leaking files from DefaultDirectoryWalkerTest

- This change also switches from using Mocks to using a Fake. It's so

much more sane, and less brittle.

Avoid * imports

Expire version-specific caches for current '-snapshot-1' version

Since we no longer have a unique version for a local development version,

it's not safe to retain version-specific caches within `intTestHomeDir`.

This solution isn't great, because:

a) It relies on 'cleanUpCaches' running to avoid problems with integration tests

b) It slows down the initial integration test run after cleaning the caches

- e.g. The shaded gradle-api jar must be regenerated

Explicitly set --no-daemon or --daemon parameter for integration tests

Minor cleanup

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Restored a constructor for an internal type, for backwards compatibility. The constructor is deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.

Restored some methods that previously leaked onto all decorated types. These are now deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.

Restored some behaviour in the `MavenDeployer.repository { ... } DSL that changed in a breaking way when the implementation of this interface was changed from Groovy to Java.

Adds four new build splits for speed.

Add release notes about API changes

Make DSL doc generation happy

Appease checkstyle

Restore binary compatibility with AntGroovydoc

Remove type bounds so we generate the same method signatures again

Add missing methods from Groovy -> Java conversion

Restore old Object only constructors

Remove setProperty from formerly-Groovy tasks

Improve integration with wrt CSS styles.

Review items for Manifest API fix

Remove unnecessary FileResolver injection in Ear

Restore lost access levels in codeQuality

Restore lost access levels in Jacoco plugin

Restore lost access level on EclipseClasspath.noExportConfiguration

Mention breaking change to RhinoWorkerHandleFactory

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Clean up remapped script caches in intTestHomeDir

Remove two old TAPI models

Since we dropped support for clients <1.2, these are no longer needed.

Simplified unit test