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Use convention object rather than dynamic properties when accessing java source and target compatibility

Use convention object rather than dynamic properties when accessing java source and target compatibility

Initial break down of stories for "build environment"

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Recognize Alex Landau for his JUnit filtering fix.

+review REVIEW-5812

- Addresses GRADLE-3112

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Recognize LewisCowles 1986 for his Pull Request.

+review REVIEW-5813

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Fix TAPI proxy serialization

- don't hold reference to VersionDetails which isn't Serializable

Test serialization of EclipseProject model TAPI proxies

- use trait with "loadEclipseProjectModel" method

- test serialization only on clients above 2.11 (2.12+)

- TAPI proxy serialization is broken in older client versions

- don't check the result of serialization, only make sure all objects in

the object graph are serializable

- serialization end-to-end check would require using

PayloadSerializer which seems to cause problems with the

cross-version TAPI test classloader setup

- attempt to check the whole serialization roundtrip is in

commit b6d484cf , that was reverted by c9d61094

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Debug log includes reference target changes

Merge branch 'maiflai-master'

+review REVIEW-5815

- Also resolves merge conflict.

Fixed case where cross version test requests a baseline version that is not the current under-development version but has also not been released.

For example, when the tests running from master request the version that is currently under RC.

Merge branch 'master' of into maiflai-master

Revert "Make VersionDetail Serializable"

This reverts commit 901ce5984f9d0f3dc7a942b27038d2a7e1956081.

Revert "Add test for Eclipse model serialization roundtrip"

This reverts commit b6d484cf0d7cc122f244eca2dcf116d0a44e9ad6.

Contextualize debug messages with project path

Add test for Eclipse model serialization roundtrip

Provide simpler CompositeModelBuilder

- We will not initially support all methods of ModelBuilder, so use a separate interface

+review REVIEW-5809

Make VersionDetail Serializable

Update wrapper to latest RC

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Add concrete implementation plan to sts migration spec

Remove open issue from spec

Adds the required file argument to all of the exisiting pre/suf-fix tests.

+review REVIEW-5814

Remove the subsequently renamed broken test.

+review REVIEW-5814

Switching multiple VS testing to a fixed list

+review REVIEW-5794

Merge pull request #459 from bearmug/master

GRADLE-3182 Fix wrong single wildcard usage for files/directories match

+review REVIEW-5814

Merge branch 'master' of

Add exclude pattern behavior change to release notes.


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Add information about hidden state of a node when it's registered

Merge pull request #566 from Lewiscowles1986/patch-1

Made Installation Clearer

Use an ArrayDeque instead of LinkedList to store current rule execution context

Array-based collections perform better than linked lists in general, as

they don’t need to do memory allocation for each add/remove() call.

Use array-based lists in schema extraction

They perform better than linked lists