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Bump ci-health plugin versions to 0.33

Fix CommandLineActionFactoryTest when running environment is using parallel mode

Remove deprecated JVM platform classes and methods

- setDependencyCacheDir in java plugin and CompileOptions

- Use of Ant <depend> task and Depend options

- Javadoc setOptions

- Manifest.writeTo(Writer)

- JavaPluginConvention.setProject

Issue: #1722

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Remove Path segment interning

Since we are using the String representation of the Path

in so many places, the memory we save by compacting the Path

instance is not helping and the cost of interning is outweighing

the benefit.

Make ScriptDynamicObject more memory efficient

Fix flakiness with task assertion in parallel tests

Remove dependency between integTest and test sources

Add release notes for overlapping output detection

+review REVIEW-6493

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Add more coverage for the mixed fileTask/dirTask overlapping output tests

+review REVIEW-6493

Merge pull request #1617 from gradle/pm-build-ops-and-worker-lease-whole-build

Worker lease and build operation for the whole build execution

Simplify overlapping output file integ test helper

+review REVIEW-6493

Merge pull request #1769 from gradle/so-faster-path

Make Path more efficient

Merge pull request #1770 from gradle/analyse-first-use-regression

Make BasicScript faster

Improve the overlapping outputs cacheability reason

+review REVIEW-6493

Rename OverlapOutputDetection to OverlappingOutputs

+review REVIEW-6493

Remove unnecessary logging

+review REVIEW-6493


Add requested attributes to resolve artifacts operation name

Ensure task graph executer tests hold a parent worker lease

Requested tasks are exposed via build operation

- Reworked 'Calculate Task graph' build operation to attach

operation descriptor

- CalculateTaskGraphDescriptor contains set of requested tasks

- CalculateTaskGraphDescriptorInternal interface is used to inject

requested tasks

- current procedure is not ideal as it requires mutating of


- Ideally build operation context would allow setting a result. Discussed

this earlier with Stefan Oehme and it's on the radar.

+review REVIEW-6498

Fix TaskPlanExecutor usage of worker leases

ParallelTaskPlanExecutor, using a thread-pool, was taking worker leases

from the forked threads without passing its current worker lease. The

child operations could then not borrow their parent lease. This consumed

one spurious lease.

This, combined with parallel download of artifacts, composite builds

and indirect cyclic dependencies across composites made the

CompositeBuildDependencyCycleIntegrationTest hang.

This change fix [Default|Parallel]TaskPlanExecutor to do the right thing

Fix @since annotations for 4.0

Merge pull request #1033 from gradle/pm-apply-plugin-build-op

Plugin application is a build operation

Change tooling API test target versions from 3.6 to 4.0

Merge pull request #1771 from gradle/so-no-daemon-tests

Fix no-daemon performance tests

Merge pull request #1741 from gradle/so-fix-kill-daemons

Kill daemons before any other task

Fix no-daemon performance tests

Pass the jvm args to the client VM, so Gradle isn't forced to start

a single-use daemon.

Adds a test for a cold daemon, but without recompling scripts, i.e.

what a developer usually experiences in the morning when they turn

on their laptop.

Fix literal in Javadoc

Reproducable example

Include more information in the overlapping outputs cacheability reason

+review REVIEW-6493