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Fix wrong mkdir usage in webDist userguide example.

Add Project.evaluationDependsOnChildren() method

Disable this test on windows, until GRADLE-2118 is fixed.

- Updated c++ integ tests so that they can discover installed visual c++ or mingw when they are not included in the path - Updated c++ integ tests to execute each test against each available compiler.

- Search for c++ compilers in the order they are registered. - Improved error message when no compiler available. - Changed CompilerRegistry.getDefaultCompiler() to return null rather than blowing up when no compiler available.

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Moved WindowsTerminalDetector from core to native project.

fix LoggingIntegrationTests by replacing deprecated Project.dependsOn by Project.evaluationDependsOn

fix BuildScriptErrorIntegrationTest.reportsProjectEvaluationFailsWithGroovyException

Fixes for file name quoting when using visual c++.

remove Project.dependsOn references in userguide/ update examples

Update Task javadoc with detailed dependsOn description

Deprecated Project.childrenDependOnMe(), Project.dependsOn(String) and Project.dependsOn(String, boolean)

Fixed broken test execution.

- Change terminal detection to use isatty() directly, rather than via POSIX. - Moved PosixBackedTerminalDetector from core to native project. - Some renames.

Fixed several more typos in userguide

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Ignored a test until the story with tooling api suite improvements is finished. This should fix the windows build.

Conflicts because I've attempted to do changes on my both environements. Conflicts were boring anyway.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/sf-win-fixes'




File path fixes in the test data to make the windows happy.

attempt to fix file-based test on Windows

Tuned the timeouts in the DaemonLifecycleSpec.

Made the launcher sanity timeouts in tests much more generous. They were simply too short and when the machine was busy those tests failed.

Made the tooling api sanity timeouts in tests much more generous. They were simply too short and when the machine was busy those tests failed very easily. This does not mean those tests run slower (unless there is a bug :).

fix empty userguide sample for war customization

Removed a half manual test that wasn't that useful and made the CI builds unhappy for some awkward reason.

removed obsolete imports

Escaped some test data so that windows is happy (including the CI build).

honor global Maven settings file when locating local Maven repository

- renamed (Default)LocalMavenCacheLocator to (Default)LocalMavenRepositoryLocator and decoupled/improved the implementation

- honor placeholders for system properties and environment variables in path for local Maven repository

- renamed MavenSettingsProvider to (Default)MavenFileLocations

Garbage collected some old TODOs

Added a sanity check to the daemon client to prevent looping forever in case no usable daemon is found.

Added some missing unit test coverage for some daemon logic. Refactored the test a bit.