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Test taskGraph.whenReady in a composite

Calculate task graphs for all included builds before commencing execution

This change allows us to determine more of the required tasks up-front, rather

than relying on discovery of these tasks during build execution. For example,

transitive `compileOnly` dependencies will now be determined prior to

executing tasks in any build.

In doing so, we greatly reduce the number of cases where a build may

be executed twice in a single invocation. This is largely now limited


- An included build producing a plugin artifact as well as an artifact

required as a task input

- An included build that provides 2 outputs, one that is resolved at

configuration time and another as a regular task input

- Using the IDE generation tasks combined with another task that uses

an included build output.

Move ExceptionAnalyzer up to BuildTree scope

#2212 add test for first bom wins

Polish samples

- Specify repositories last

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Take advantage of newly introduced `kotlin("jvm")` plugin spec

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Add test demonstrating duplicate build events for included builds

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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:arrow_up: Kotlin 1.1.2-2

Require that all rich build operations have result objects.

Later changing from no result to having a result is awkward for listeners to deal with.

So, always use a result type and just have it be empty if there is nothing to convey right now.

There always might be something to convey in the future.

Upgrade `build-scan` plugin to `1.7.4`

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix PatchExternalModules to run only on relevant changes

This task is only supposed to run when an external module changes,

since that is the only kind of module it touches. However, the inputs

of the task were set up such that it would also be triggered by any

change to a core module. This made `gradle install` after a simple

one-line change take unnecessarily long.

Increase timeouts for performance test coordinators

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Allow performance baselines in branches to be set to empty (defaults)

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Set Android home for soak tests

:benchmark stops spawned isolated daemons after each benchmark

Fix string concatenation

Fix test task for soak tests

Deactivate fail on change id comparison failure in performance tests

If the change id changes because the TC config is updated, we might

end up with different ids here for the same commit. This is not an

issue since the commits are the same.

Make sure we stop included builds even when the outer build fails

Stop included build controllers at the end of the outermost build

Fix order of arguments in performance tests

Bump wrapper to latest nightly

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Remove test exclusions

We need to revisit which exclusions can be make sense.

Remove embeddedDaemon test tasks as this executor does not exist anymore

Add more information to assertion failure

- Add logFile path to assertion

- Add line that we failed to parse

Reinstate DependencyHandler.kotlinModule(..) as @Deprecated

Until we upgrade our wrappers with a new distro

Prefer jcenter() where gradleScriptKotlin() is not needed

Introduce PluginDependenciesSpec.kotlin(..) to use Gradle Kotlin Plugins