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Merge pull request #4508 from gradle/hansd/buildscan-config

Migrated buildscan configuration to Kotlin.

Fix link to Java Library Plugin docs from release notes

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Point to for standalone downloads

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Link to user manual for installation guide

Add release notes subsection on docs updates

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Recognize JUnit team and Andrew Oberstar for contributions toward JUnit 5 support

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Introduce `ExtensionContainer.create<T>(String, vararg Any?)`

Replace `services.get(` by `serviceOf<T>()`

Treat Kotlin nullability issues as errors in `buildSrc`

Fix Kotlin buildSrc nullability warning

By capturing the mutable variable into a immutable local so it can be

smart-casted to a non-nullable type.

Simplify build scan configuration for caching

Re-add build scan plugin dependency

Merge branch 'master' into hansd/buildscan-config

Polishing BuildScanConfigurationPlugin

- Use flatMap {} instead of successive all {} and flatten {}

Merge master

Use map access instead of `getByName`

Move task property validation task dependencies where they belong

in the corresponding plugin

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Migrate code quality configuration to Kotlin.

Merge pull request #4478 from gradle/hansd/migrateCodeQualityConfiguration

Fix deadlock when closing service registry

When a service registry was closing its child

while at the same time the child was looking up

a service in that parent, a deadlock could occur.

This was caused by the parent waiting for the child

to finish its pending requests, while the child could

not finish because it was waiting on the parent to

finish closing.

The whole "wait for pending requests" logic has been

removed. It was only used in one case where a service

was looked up while closing. This has been refactored

to look up the service at construction time instead and

use it during closing. Looking up services while closing

is now forbidden.

Use object for `isCiServer`

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Consistenly use `.get().asFile`

Address more review feedback

Merge master

Revert "Move `enabledReports` to `ReportContainer`"

This reverts commit 37420a2d3535f046ac1f48f287f737e73a0d5320.

Move `enabledReports` to `ReportContainer`

Refactor code around PropertyNode

Migrated remoteHttpCacheSettings.gradle to Kotlin.

Merge pull request #4501 from gradle/hansd/remoteCacheConfiguration

Accept public api changes

Introduce support for running phased actions

This commit introduces the ability of running multiple build actions in

different phases of the build. These actions are passed by the client

through the tooling api.

With this commit, a single action can be added to each one of the

supporting phases (after projects are loaded, after projects are

evaluated and after tasks are run).

This feature allows improvements like running actions that call a model

builder modifying the graph tasks, and then it is possible to first

fetch a model and then execute tasks, in this order. e.g. Android Studio

sync + source generation.

Signed-off-by: Lucas Smaira <>

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Simplify build-cache-configuration.settings.gradle.kts

now that the wrapper includes kotlin-dsl 0.16 and fixes IDEA edition

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