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Ignore tests that just won't work on windows gcc

Move remaining test from DTASRT

When an artifact transform accepts artifact dependencies as input, schedule a work node that resolves the dependency graph as a dependency of the transform node. Previously the resolution would happen during transform node execution. Resolving the graph requires access to the project state of the configuration to be resolved, whereas running the transform node does not. Doing the resolution as a separate node makes this visible to the scheduling and avoids starting a bunch of transform nodes to have them block.

Upgrade samples to Kotlin 1.3.11

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Allow `TaskDependencyContainer` instances to declare a dependency on arbitrary actions that should be run as nodes in the execution graph.

Upgrade Kotlin to 1.3.11

Fix issue with relocate task

Merge pull request #7928 from gradle/felipe/update-scan-plugin-version

Update supported build scan plugin to 2.1-rc-1.

Merge branch 'develop' into bamboo/let-resolver-prioritise-requests-by-recency

Fix `SourceDistributionResolverIntegrationTest` after distro snapshot update

Make the resolver thread a daemon thread

And fix the name of the class.

Merge branch 'develop' into bamboo/let-resolver-prioritise-requests-by-recency

Move TransformationIdentity to right project and package

Rename Transformation{Identity → WorkspaceIdentity}

Introduce WorkIdentity and use it to look up nodes in the execution plan

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Fix issue with setting test binary when main component has not been set

Fix expectation in windows only tests

Make OutputEventTransformer slightly faster

The set of forwarded events will never contain a remapped event,

so we can avoid the remove() call when we already know the event

in question was remapped.

Replace the named variant methods with an `allVariants` one

Because variant names are unstable.

Merge pull request #7900 from gradle/lacasseio/native/xcode-ide-support

Support for architecture in Xcode IDE

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Fix CI failures for windows and macOS

Fix issues with unit testing libraries

Address some review feedback

Avoid more ThreadLocal lookups

Remove FunctionalInterface annotation

Rename OperationDependencies{Provider → Resolver}

Remove unused interface

Add support for resolved versions in dependency constraints

This commit adds handling of resolved versions in dependency

constraints. By default, the version used during publishing

is untouched if the constraint is just declared and doesn't

participate in dependency resolution. If the constraint applies,

then we use the resolved version.

Remove forgotten code line causing CI to fail