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Test searching upwards for other projects in a composite build

+review REVIEW-5809

Apply timeouts and connection parameters to daemons created by composite build

+review REVIEW-5809

Refactoring VS path discovery to make it comprehensible

+review REVIEW-5794

Fix plugin id name

Use gradleHomeDir instead of distribution URI

Make ProjectTestFile a static class

Remove validation for now when constructing composite build

+review REVIEW-5818

Support for testing VS2012 version installed with VS2013

+review REVIEW-5794

Add release notes and userguide sample

Story: gradle/langos#153

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Make checkstyle happy

Refactored ToolingApiSpecification to allow composite build to reuse some infrastructure

+review REVIEW-5818

[GRADLE-2170] Add a test to reproduce a SecurityManager issue with groovy tests


Allows the FindBugs HTML report to be generated with a custom stylesheet.

Add validation for multiple participants in a composite build

+review REVIEW-5818

Add multi-build tests and support in composite-build

+review REVIEW-5818

Fixed problem starting cross version performance tests.

Remove restriction on number of participants

+review REVIEW-5818

Add more unit tests for composite build classes

+review REVIEW-5809

Replace usage of GradleVersion with VersionNumber

- GradleVersion class has classloader issues within

ToolingApiCompatibilitySuiteRunner classloading

- perhaps because GradleDistribution references GradleVersion

and GradleDistribution gets loaded from outside the TAPI


+review REVIEW-5816

temporarily ignore new composite build integ tests

Remove ToolingModelTestTrait

- problem with classloading of ToolingApiCompatibilitySuiteRunner

+review REVIEW-5816

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Add ignored test for testing against different versions of Gradle build participants

+review REVIEW-5809

Add a way to set gradle user home on a composite GradleConnection

+review REVIEW-5809

Unit tests for DefaultGradleConnection

- check that we can create a ModelBuilder of the correct type

- check that the close/stop is propagated down

- check that the project dir is honored in a participant

+review REVIEW-5809

Get rid of dependency to Message class

+review REVIEW-5816

Add clickable Classycle analysis report

- generated only when Classycle check fails

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Add some smoke tests for a composite build with a single project

+review REVIEW-5809

Update renaming spec

Renaming is no longer optional as the project name de-duplication always renames all duplicated project names.

Add more examples to clarify the algorithm.

Update Gradle logo in readme

Add eclipse model coverage for source and target compatibility defined as project property