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Test one scenario

Redirect output

Display branch name in flakiness detection report (#9927)

This closes

This PR displays branch name in flakiness detection report to avoid confusion.

Fetch flakiness data

Update released version to latest snapshot

Update library versions in build init to latest for 5.7

Update version to 5.7

Clean accepted API changes

Clean release notes and welcome message for 5.7

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master-test' into release-test

Patch property


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Revert "Ignore failing test for now"

This reverts commit 09f28a51ae9b673d8693b07b93f7a66cf31af982.

Revert "Ignore more tests effected by tmpdir changes"

This reverts commit 565f07caac702c99863dba8977e35b21a44455e1.

Remove system property injected by teamcity


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Before evaluate

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Print more

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Publish 5.5.1-20190715230055+0000

Revert "Fix patch"

This reverts commit 4be337549bb5c61eb27aaf5180e48c5b4a813c70.

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Some more review feedback

Fix XCTest Swift samples

MetadataSources: Introduce ignoreGradleMetadataRedirection to prevent gradle metadata redirection when marker is present in POM or Ivy descriptor

Signed-off-by: Roberto Perez Alcolea <>

Fix test issues on windows

Fix test issues on windows

Fix test issues on windows

Remove InterfaceMayBeAnnotatedFunctional and RawUseOfParameterizedType from Idea inspections

Merge remote-tracking branches 'origin/lacasseio/docs/xctest-ref-chapter' and 'origin/lacasseio/docs/typos-cpp-swift'

* origin/lacasseio/docs/xctest-ref-chapter:

Add XCTest plugin reference chapter

* origin/lacasseio/docs/typos-cpp-swift:

Fix typos in Swift and C++ chapters

Ignore more tests effected by tmpdir changes

Remove from Test tasks

Our tests expect the default tmp directory and not an explicitly set one

Revert "Patch property"

This reverts commit f80a5975b4329f6625a86eb45b8a73cf69e05384.

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