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Remove unused import

Rebaseline performance tests

- lock in recent native build improvements

- accept a minor regression in dependency resolution that will be fixed soon

- inline native baseline constant. Please use ./gradlew rebaselinePerformanceTests instead

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Bump to latest 4.8 nightly

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Introduce `integ-tests` project

And make generated code follow the kotlin-dsl coding conventions.

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Make `AbstractPluginTest` allow multiple plugin repositories

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPlugin`

- Inline unnecessary variable

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPluginTest`

Remove spurious empty line

Polish `plugins-experiments/build.gradle.kts`

Fix handling of duplicate nodes in dependency graph

Dependency locking would not filter out visited duplicate nodes causing

the lock file to have duplicate entries and lock validation to fail.

Improve dependency locking test coverage

Issue #4904

Reword release notes for systemIncludes

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Merge pull request #4886 from gradle/gh/stable-native/system-headers

Handle system headers differently on the command line for GCC

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Merge pull request #5036 from gradle/sg/lazy/stats

Lazy task configuration statistics

Fix new test

Merge pull request #5049 from gradle/oehme/performance/mirrors

Use repository mirrors in performance tests

Remove unused field

Ignore illegal access warnings when parsing the build outcome

Prior to this commit, JVM emitted warnings (e.g. for illegal access)

that were sometimes printed in the middle of the build outcome message

of integration tests caused tests to fail.

Remove redundant map access

Publish configuration-wide excludes in POM

Resolves #5034.

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Merge pull request #5037 from gradle/gh/lazy-task/concurrent-get

Fix concurrency issue with lazy task getters

Move responsibility of merging attributes to the module resolve state

This should make merging faster because we don't need to create an iterator each

time the method is called, like it used to be.

Update published artifacts when signature is removed from configuration

Issue: #4943

Test that sign task takes into account configuration changes

Issue: #4943

Merge pull request #4983 from gradle/marc/issues/4980-fix-signing-up-to-date-check

Fix up-to-date check for output files of Sign task

Avoid parsing generated POM when publishing

Issue: #4943

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Disable stacktrace checks on Java7 for flaky tests

Add explicit test for simultaneous client connections

Merge pull request #5045 from alexleventer/master

Update GE nav link text from Enterprise to Try Gradle Enterprise

Allow Groovy, Kotlin, and Gradle-specific syntax highlighting

This change creates and uses custom xslthl config that allows

Docbook to highlight syntax in a language specific way instead of

just always falling back to java.

Styles for syntax highlighting are adjusted to match IntelliJ


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