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Merge pull request #7937 from gradle/lacasseio/native/visual-studio

Support for architecture in Visual Studio IDE

Ignore failing tests

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/stable-native/unit-test-architecture' into release

* origin/gh/stable-native/unit-test-architecture:

Fix issue when running component tests with 64 bit toolchain

Fix issue with relocate task

Fix issue with setting test binary when main component has not been set

Fix issues with unit testing libraries

Target machine support for xctest

Add architecture support for CppUnit tests

Merge pull request #7896 from gradle/marc/insights/1696-tapi-transform-events

Report transform progress events and dependencies to TAPI progress listeners


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Merge pull request #7843 from gradle/wolfs/execution-engine/tests

Add test coverage for the execution engine

Let AbstractTask @RequiresNonFinalSubClasses

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Introduce @RequiresNonFinalSubClasses

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Update build-in scan plugin version to 2.1 (#7970)

Add support for enforced local platforms

This commit reworks the Java Platform plugin so that we can

also support _enforced_ local platforms, in order to be

consistent with externally, enforced platforms (BOM or Gradle).

Set Kotlin `apiVersion` and `languageVersion` to 1.3

Merge pull request #7968 from thc202/docs-fix-typo

Fix typo in Lazy Configuration chapter

Merge pull request #7969 from JLLeitschuh/object-factory-documentation-fix

Fix documentation on ObjectFactory::setProperty

Mention architecture support for C++ projects in release notes

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Publish 5.1-20181207163352+0000

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Allow init script for configuring build scan to work with older versions

Merge branch 'release'

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Fix typo in Lazy Configuration chapter

Change from `contention` to `convention` when mentioning conventions.

Signed-off-by: thc202 <>

Fix documentation on ObjectFactory::setProperty

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

Restrict visibility of GradleInternal by passing Factory<Path>

Document WorkIdentity

Support resolving a platform project dependency

This commit adds support for consuming a platform project

from other projects. The appropriate platform variant is


Merge pull request #7956 from gradle/gh/stable-native/test-on-xcode10

Fix native testing for xcode 10

Prevent from adding dependencies by default

In case the Java Platform plugin is used, most likely what

users want is to add _dependency constraints_. By default,

the plugin will not allow adding dependencies. However, if

the user really wants to add dependencies too, an extension

makes it possible to allow dependencies.

Add tests for publishing Java platforms

Rename Util -> TaskFingerprintUtil


Merge branch 'release'

Simplify OperationDependencyLookup

Simplify TaskIdentity.equals/hashCode to improve performance