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Remove deprecated system property org.gradle.cache.tasks.http.uri

+review REVIEW-6503

Fix performance issue when lots of specs of intersection exclusions are the same

Fixes gradle/gradle#1801

Revert "Use child classloader to load tasks to be validated"

This reverts commit 14040cda6fa157fdb7a896aaf79a48be537f2940.

Use child classloader to load tasks to be validated

+review REVIEW-6501

Add unit test covering ScriptPluginFactorySelector

Mention changes in release notes.

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Prefer Settings.DEFAULT_SETTINGS_FILE over inline “settings.gradle”

Remove TaskOutputs.doNotCacheIf(Spec)

Must use the one with a reason.

Fix test name

Remove support for chained calls of TaskOutputs methods

This breaks binary compatibility with Gradle 2.0.

Remove unnecessary integration test

This used to test the absence of deprecation warnings for `@OrderSensitive`.

Remove TaskInputs.source() and sourceDir()

Remove support for chained calls of TaskInputs methods

This breaks binary compatibility with Gradle 2.0.

Remove TaskInternal.isCacheable()

Use a collection rather than a map to represent the elements of a file collection snapshot when calculating the hash of the snapshot.

Fixed typo in method name.

Fixed unit test on Windows.

Fixed handling of the root directories on Windows when making decision whether a file belongs to a particular directory hierarchy. Really only likely to affect our unit tests.

Changed file snapshotting to assume that files and directories contained in the downloaded artifact and artifact transform output caches do not change during a build, and so to make snapshotting faster.

File system state cached in-memory during a build for these files and directories is not discarded when a task action runs. This avoids scanning the file system potentially many times during a build over files that have almost certainly not changed. All other file system state is still discarded. This strategy is intentionally very simple and can be improved later.

This change also means that jars from the artifact transform output cache are not copied into the jar cache when included in a classpath from which Gradle needs to create a `ClassLoader`. This was already the case for jars from the downloaded artifacts cache.

Fix test

The constructor was removed.

Removing workaround that should no longer be necessary

Avoid running new Play integration test on Java 9

Twirl + Scala support is broken on Java 9. Adding this test to the

excludes list.

Fix unit test

+review REVIEW-6500

Remove ProjectExtensionsTaskRegistrationAction, apply a plugin instead

That way, no need to check for .kts files presence.

Builds not using gsk won’t suffer the performance penalty anymore.

Builds using gsk will benefit a small performance gain.

See #320

Add a strongly typed setter for MavenArtifactRepository url property

See gradle/gradle-script-kotlin#256

Test more <localRepository/> permutations in Maven settings

Make test performance comparison fair

Gradle generates an HTML report by default, for better

usability. Force Maven to do the same to make the numbers


Small refactoring for readability

Simplify TaskOutputPacker interface

This allows tests to avoid having to construct a TaskOutputs mock

+review REVIEW-6500

Remove deprecated constructors on DirectoryFileTree (#1776)

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