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Relax package access restrictions for ToolingAPI JAR.

Use Transformers.noOpTransformer vs homegrown one

Add dummy implementation of NativeCompiler for test harnesses

Improving play coffeescript/javascript support test coverage

+review REVIEW-5272

Rename some variables/classes in nativeplatform toolchain

* Rename OptionsFileArgTransformer to OptionsFileArgWriter

* Rename related Gcc and VisualCpp implementations

* Rename references to 'compiler' in DefaultCommandLineTool

Updating play coffeescript support design doc to correct some errors.

+review REVIEW-5272

Collapse NativeCompiler abstract classes into one

* Move NativeCompiler to o.g...toolchain.internal.

* Make internal.gcc.* and internal.msvcpp.* compilers extend new

common NativeCompiler

Extract differences between msvcpp and gcc toolchains

* Create GccOutputFileArgTransformer

* Create VisualCppOutputFileArgTransformer

* Push toolchain specific methods to the underlying

specific implementations (e.g., CCompiler)

Make msvcpp and gcc NativeCompilers look similar

Removed unused import.

+review REVIEW-5282

Extract interface from CommandLineTool

* Rename CommandLineTool to DefaultCommandLineTool

* Introduce CommandLineTool interface with single execute method

Implicitly import Guava's Optional cause Java 8 has an implicitly imported Optional

+review REVIEW-5265

Use an Instantiator to create ManagedSet instances

+review REVIEW-5270

Ground work for accessing the Ivy and Maven metadata artifacts via the Artifact Query API.

Improving play coffeescript test coverage

+review REVIEW-5272

Introduce DefaultScalaPlatform

- add more integtest coverage


enhance JvmLibrarySpec or use ScalaJvmLibrarySpec

+review REVIEW-5273

Show the type that declared a property when reporting context for an invalid managed model exception

+review REVIEW-5265

Report the full list of overridden methods in error message when extracting properties of managed types

+review REVIEW-5265

Remove unnecessary collection copying when extracting properties of managed types from their methods

+review REVIEW-5265

Inline a leftover method that should not be public

+review REVIEW-5265

Don't need to have an explicit method for setting config failure policy in TestNGOptions cause it gets created by class decoration

+review REVIEW-5274

Avoid Java 8 API.

Remove done marker in spec.

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Move open issue to “needs clarification” section.

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Add story for respecting model space structure in bind-by-path failure messages.

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Bust story out of open issues for removing TaskContainer from model space.

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Remove open issue about sample for configuration DSL that will be addressed by later story that covers taking the DSL public.

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Organise open issues to separate ones that we can address right now.

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Busted stories out of open issues.

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Remove open issue that can't be “resolved”.

We can't disallow unannotated methods on rule sources as helper methods may be legitimate. Going searching for some method that may have provided the model element but was not annotated with @Model is not worth the effort.

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