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Remove the subsequently renamed broken test.

+review REVIEW-5814

Switching multiple VS testing to a fixed list

+review REVIEW-5794

Merge pull request #459 from bearmug/master

GRADLE-3182 Fix wrong single wildcard usage for files/directories match

+review REVIEW-5814

Merge branch 'master' of

Add exclude pattern behavior change to release notes.


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Add information about hidden state of a node when it's registered

Merge pull request #566 from Lewiscowles1986/patch-1

Made Installation Clearer

Use an ArrayDeque instead of LinkedList to store current rule execution context

Array-based collections perform better than linked lists in general, as

they don’t need to do memory allocation for each add/remove() call.

Use array-based lists in schema extraction

They perform better than linked lists

Fix dead tool chain support link

- The link was previously a 404 because the page name changed.

If a class literal is an ambiguous Gradle class (same simple name in different packages), then fallback to usual resolution

+review REVIEW-5811

Use ArrayDeque instead of LinkedList in ModelGraph

Linked list requires memory allocation for each add/remove, whereas

ArrayDeque only sets references in the majority of cases, so it

provides better performance in general.

Fix incorrect mapping file returned.

+review REVIEW-5811

Merge pull request #561 from AlexLandau/junit-tests-behavior2

Fix JUnit --tests filtering behavior

- Fixes both the TestSuite use-case and the Parameterized test use-case

Update API in Buildship composite spec

Add support for testing against a nightly version of Gradle

Treat the root model node as less of a special case, by transitioning it through states in the same way as the other nodes.

Use an ArrayDeque instead of a LinkedList for transitions

Linked list does a lot of memory allocation that can be handled in a

more efficient way via an array deque.

Use convention object properties rather than rely on dynamic properties

Merge branch 'release'

Use convention object rather than dynamic properties when accessing java source and target compatibility

Fix proxy tests on Java 1.6

+review REVIEW-5736

Fix wrapper download proxy tests

+review REVIEW-5736


+review REVIEW-5736

Normalize HTTP and HTTPS proxy test coverage

+review REVIEW-5736

Support for testing multiple VS installs

This reverts commit 618a92586e89abab67fb7f8450b3834801de0130.

Remove unused reference to HttpServer

+review REVIEW-5736

Minor update

Small update to example

Revert "Support for testing multiple VS installs"

Reverting this for now until we can fix the VS installs on windows VMs.

This reverts commits: