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Rename ResourceNormalization to InputNormalization

+review REVIEW-6540

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Convert Java plugin user guide chapter to Asciidoc

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Use LinkedHashMap instead of HashMap

The original Map may have been linked, so we should make sure when we

are isolating it that the new Map is linked. There's no harm in doing

it this way if the Map wasn't linked because.

Fix jar hashes ordering being lost

Revert "Revert "Recompile everything whenever jars are reordered""

This reverts commit 3a01913f3173a3c7a015050e0580fafa48c4066b.

Merge pull request #2100 from gradle/so-faster-producer-guard

Add a striped ProducerGuard

Do not resolve classes dirs as a file tree

This causes us to include resources in a way that causes FindBugs to

produce an annoying error message

Some test fixes for changes to display names.

Add missing @HasInternalProtocol

Fixed int tests for changes to dependency resolution build operation display names.

Some tweaks to build operation display names, to reflect some human consumable identify of the operation rather than a statement of what Gradle happened to be doing when the operation started.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Tweaked `AbstractConsoleFunctionalSpec` to better deal with the presence of the work in progress section.

Make the test cross-platform

Before this change, the test would fail on Windows where line endings

are dumb^H^H^H^H different.

Added some test coverage to show that the fully qualified paths for various things are used in error messages when dependency resolution goes wrong in a composite build or a `buildSrc` build.

Ensure that progress information is shown in the 'work in progress' console area when resolving the dependency graph for a configuration and when resolving the files/artifacts for a configuration.

Added some initial test coverage.

Show 4 'work in progress' lines on the console when the screen size is not known (eg when running from a functional test).

Add a funcitonal test for artifact transform isolation

This test uses a mutable `Counter` that is incremented both at

configuration time between registrations and during execution time to

ensure that each ArtifactTransform's instance of the `Counter` is

isolated from the others.

Merge pull request #2092 from gradle/ld/build-ops/plugins

Identify target of plugins/scripts in build operation notifications

Improve exception message for included build task failure

Avoid hard-coded root path ':'

Avoid unbundling and bundling BuildIdentifier for CompositeBuildTaskDelegate

Add explanatory comment

Add more context to TODO

Removed unnecessary synchronization, and use a consistent pattern to protect cached dependency metadata and artifact state.

Remove extraneous parameter

Don't use compile in test for compileOnly

Another attempt at ignoring progress bar

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Switch to LinkedHashSet

The original might have been a LinkedHasSet, so let's cover that case

as well.