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Release notes polishing

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Add open issue about Scala compiler crashing in continuous build

Share superclass for Bzip2Archiver and GzipArchiver

+review REVIEW-5623

Move backing file related logic away from TarFileTree

- add ReadableResourceInternal interface with getBackingResource method

- add ReadableResources.resolveBackingFileForResource method for

resolving backing file

+review REVIEW-5623

Move visiting logic from DefaultFileCollectionSnapshotter

+review REVIEW-5623

Don't expose node method

+review REVIEW-5738

Apply rules to links via predicates

Extends the filtering options when applying rules to the children of a

node by allowing evaluating child nodes via a Predicate (instead of

matching them against a single type).

+review REVIEW-5738

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LoggingCommandLineConverter: Simplify creating the ConsoleOutput

Try to create the enum value directly from the command line option. This

avoids the need to maintain the map with console modes as keys if new

console output modes are added.

Fix TestNG integration tests

Move back reg rules dependencies declaration to TypeModelRuleExtractor

After both review comments and progress on next story.

+review REVIEW-5729

Add note about community contribution in release notes

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Tweak whitespace

Merge pull request #439 from riemenschneider/master

Add support for TestNG's preserveOrder and groupByInstances options

fix markdown formatting

Merge pull request #552 from izeye/patch-2

Fix typo in the user guide

Add test for null properties in model report

Managed properties must be displayed in the model report even if they

have a value of null. Their type must be displayed, too.

+review REVIEW-5738

Simplify tests for internal views in LanguageSourceSets

+review REVIEW-5729

Fix typo

Some release note edits.

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Shuffled around the order in the release notes of some software model features.

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Added some grouping of the software model features in the release notes.

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Some release note edits.

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Shuffled around software model features in the release notes

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Shuffled around features in the release notes so that all features that don't relate to the software model appear first, before the software model features.

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Introduce more predicate-based methods in nodes

+review REVIEW-5738

Ensure zip file is closed and can be deleted

+review REVIEW-5733

Model predicates can match on any criteria

Instead of explicitly matching on a specific type, extend the

functionality of ModelPredicates to match based on any criteria.

+review REVIEW-5738

Removed methods that were temporarily exposed during refactor

Remove unnecessary `trim` call

+review REVIEW-5733

Rearrange test not to assert on line endings

+review REVIEW-5733