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Update build scan plugin to 1.8

Upgrade Build Scan Plugin to 1.8 in sample

Split TAPI tests to dedicated source sets

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Rename project to "Workers"

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Fix performance worker ID

Revert "Deactivate fail on change id comparison failure in performance tests"

This reverts commit d14619ffb4dd41992e3918818d59dc1d915530a9.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle :: Util :: Performance' project: 'Individual Performance Scenario Workers - Linux' build configuration was removed

Fix parameter name "scenario"

Add configuration for Individual Performance Scenario Workers

Don't run the 'afterBuild' hook twice when using the no-daemon `GradleExecuter` implementation.

Take advantage of `extra` property initializers

See #307

Polish `EmbeddedKotlinPlugin`

- Migrate to new API

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Allow `extra` property initialization via lambda expression

See #307

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

- Compose methods

- Rename `EmbeddedKotlinProvider` methods to improve prose

- Dedupe `embeddedKotlinProvider` usage with `run`

- Favour indexer over explicit `getByName`

Polish `EmbeddedKotlinProvider`

- Compose methods

- Omit obvious type from vals

- Replace `<x>.run { <y>; this }` by `<x>.apply { <y> }`

- Keep type members one line apart instead of two

Remove unnecessary imports

Omit `Unit` return type

Allow `extra` delegated properties to be initialized at declaration

Resolves #307

Another attempt to fix int test on windows.

`embedded-kotlin` plugin now uses EmbeddedKotlinProvider service

See #385 and #386

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Polish TaskOutputCachingBuildCacheKeyBuilder

Embedded Kotlin dependencies are resolved from distribution for build script classpath

kotlin-stdlib and kotlin-reflect are also pinned to the embedded version

See #385

:benchmark puts daemon registries into build/tmp/benchmark

Add link to maven performance comparison

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Remove shared code style settings

Didn't work as expected.

Introduce `./gradlew benchmark --include-sample <pattern>`

Fix some tests that rely on a test executor with a specific ID

Leverage the `kotlin-dsl` plugin in all samples w/ buildSrc