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Improve order of sections in release notes and add a stub of the preamble

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Changed the various visual studio model types to honour the `AbstractBuildableModelElement` contract.

All subtypes now honour this contract, so removed the broken constructor.

Fixed an int test for changes to responsibilities of several base plugins.

Changed several int tests for changes to make more explicit which container they take as input.

Changed a number of plugins to request a `BinaryContainer` as input.

Updated release notes to mention changes to `BuildableModelElement` hierarchy.

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Split up `ComponentModelBasePlugin` to 2 separate plugins: one which deals with the very base `ComponentSpec` type and infrastructure, and one which deals with the higher level component types such as `LibrarySpec` and `ApplicationSpec`.

Fixed test for changes to the naming of binaries bridged from current model.

Made `SourceDirectorySetFactory` available as service that can be used by rules.

Changed `DefaultClassDirectoryBinarySpec` so that it behaves more consistently with the other `ComponentSpec` types, wrt display name.

Merged the `BinarySpec` and `LanguageSourceSet` type registries into the `ComponentSpec` registry.

The type registration annotations have not changed, however they all now act on the same registry. The annotations will be merged later.

Removed duplication from `AbstractLanguageSourceSet`.

Revert "Disable composite build tooling API tests to narrow PermGen leak"

This reverts commit 1a0c7ca5a2f3ba81fe73da08f35188b9202bae96.

Disable composite build tooling API tests to narrow PermGen leak

GRADLE-1574 integration test

Shouldn't sit in internal package

Mention contributor in release notes

+review REVIEW-5833

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Merge branch 'tonyabbott-unbuildable-native-test'

Explain current behavior by code example

Removed the duplication between `BaseLanguageSourceSet` and `AbstractLanguageSourceSet`, and changed `AbstractLanguageSourceSet` to conform to `AbstractBuildableModelElement` contract.

Test coverage for native testing plugins and non-buildable binaries

+review REVIEW-5833

Don't calculate component type name until required.

Updated DSL guide for changes to `BinarySpec`

Moved `AbstractLanguageSourceSet` to live in the `platform-base` project.

Removed `@Incubating` from internal type.

Indicate the schema version evolves with features added

The Gradle version is only defined in the build platform meta-data

Documentation and samples should be part of the implementation

JSON also provides a schema version so that it can be validated and evolved over time

Added some ore test coverage that various core `ComponentSpec` types can be extended.