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Add model test for script plugin with a buildscript block

See #110

Process the `buildscript` block of project script plugins

See #180

Improve explanation of `api` vs `implementation` in manual

I've reordered a one or two things and attempted to bring a little more clarity

to this topic in the Java Library Plugin chapter of the user manual. I have

also linked directly to this particular section from the main Building Java

projects chapter so that it gets more attention.

Replace gradle-build-internal with ext-releases-local repo

Remove gradle-build-internal repository

Reuse `joinLines` extension

Rename immutable file collection methods

* `ProjectLayout.filesFor()` -> `files()` (we already have `file()` and we are replacing `Project.files()`, moreover the `For` suffix doesn't seem to add anything)

* `ProjectLayout.mutableFilesFor()` -> `configurableFiles()` (the result is of type `ConfigurableFileCollection`, and we regularly use "configure" as a term in our public APIs, while we don't use "mutate")

Publish configuration-wide excludes in Gradle module metadata

Resolves #5035.

Remove duplication

Make mirror init script faster

Using dynamic Groovy had a noticable effect on some scenarios.

Use CompileStatic instead to reduce noise in the profiling results.

Merge branch 'release'

Upgrade wrapper to 4.7

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    • +1
Publish 4.7

Point users to IDEA's import feature in IDEA plugin chapter

Issue dotorg-docs#219. Added a note that users can use the Gradle import

feature of IDEA without applying the IDEA plugin.

I have also converted tables to definition lists and cleaned up the indentation

of code samples.

Use Lookup to invoke defineClass on Java 9+ (#4976)

Use Lookup to invoke defineClass on Java 9+

Merge pull request #5080 from gradle/wolfs/jfr-more-memory

Increase memory for performance test JVM

Merge pull request #5010 from gradle/marc/issues/4943-sign-publications

Add support for signing publications and publishing signature files to Maven/Ivy repositories

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    • +20
Mention contributor in release note

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    • +6
Upgrade codeNarc to version 1.1 (#4917)

Remove sign tasks for removed publications

Merge pull request #5078 from gradle/lptr/fail-with-non-existent-init-script

Fail the build if a referenced init script does not exist

Increase memory for performance test JVM

Mention contributors in release note

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Add Java 11 test coverage into pipeline (#5065)

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    • +2
Expose GAV on MavenDeployment and use MavenProjectIdentity internally

Collapse empty lines in blocks

Issue: #4920

Signed-off-by: Andrew Potter <>

Polish Gradle 4.7 release notes

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    • +3
Enable updating a subset of locked dependencies

The feature is triggered by the "--update-locks org:foo,org:bar" command

line flag.

This filters out the constraints for dependencies to update and applies

the other constraints as "prefer" instead of "strict".

Fixes #4906

Minor error message improvement

Refactor method name for clarity