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Reorder sections in release notes

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cleanup idea tapi java model

- remove Xinherited method

- rename targetBytecodeLevel to targetBytecodeVersion

+review REVIEW-5740

Avoid leaking `ModelSchemaStore` into the test suite binary

Story: gradle/langos#113

Polish release notes

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Add preamble to release notes

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mark getters in IdeaProject, IdeaModule for incubating

+review REVIEW-5740

Refactor MapFileTree.getFile method

+review REVIEW-5709

Refactor JVM test suite rules to better fit the model standards

This commit refactors the JVM test suites creation rules in order to avoid delegation to static methods whenever possible. There is, however, an expression problem when it comes to determine the type of the binary, so not all delegation can be removed yet.

Story: gradle/langos#113

Add tests for failing to determine inputs during execution of continuous build

+review REVIEW-5709

Add more test cases and open questions to composite build spec

Added missing class

More details on external dependencies

Polish release notes for improvements of `@ComponentBinaries`

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Add readonly targetBytecodeVersion to idea model

- `targetBytecodeVersion` is what bytecodelevel is called in idea world

- introduce IdeaProject#getTargetBytecodeVersion()

- bytecode version for project is calculated from involved java modules targetCompatibility

- introduce IdeaModule#getTargetBytecodeVersion()

TBD.: feels to much stuff calculation going on in the model classes and stuff should be moved

into the idea plugin.

We could configure getter of Model classes via convention mapping though.

Rename targetRuntime -> javaSDK in idea tapi model

changed all according methods in idea tapi model:

- getTargetRuntime

- setTargetRuntime

- isTargetRuntimeInherited

TBD: Still using JavaRuntime to model the JavaSDK in idea. Probably have

something more specific here makes sense.

+review REVIEW-5723

don't let hasUserSpecifiedLanguageLevel leak into public API

- make hasUserSpecifiedLanguageLevel property private and add packaged scope getter method. Otherwise this property is reachable e.g. from build scripts as protected properties are not respected by groovy

+review REVIEW-5740

Fix `createTestSuiteTasks` that has nothing specific to JUnit specs

Story: gradle/langos#113

Changed tooling model of Idea sourceLanguageLevel to match local IDE model

- Removed isSourceLanguageLevelInherited: use null instead

+review REVIEW-5726

Extracted a separate type to model the Java settings for an IDEA project/module

+review REVIEW-5726

Revert "Detangle (slightly) the way languageLevel is calculated for IdeaModule and IdeaProject"

This reverts commit 8bed00a39fa6ed42ce3c94b82b435f62a5d061c3, keeping a few minor documentation updates.

Detangle (slightly) the way languageLevel is calculated for IdeaModule and IdeaProject

+review REVIEW-5795

Minor refactoring of code to configure IdeaModule language level

+review REVIEW-5795

Tweaked the text output from performance test failures to keep the descriptive statistics for a particular experiment together.

Always include the most recent release in the versions under test for cross-version performance tests, regardless of whether the test requests it or not.

Adjusted versions under test and thresholds for various performance tests.

Integration testing for IDEA language level settings

- Pulled into a separate test class, using Spock

- Added some additional coverage

+review REVIEW-5795

Improve release notes for IDEA java language level improvements

+review REVIEW-5795

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Revert attempt to be clever about renaming jar files in Play distribution

+review REVIEW-5766

Don't prefix files in play distribution when prefix == file-name

+review REVIEW-5766

Fixed int tests when running on a platform other than x64 OS X.