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Use ‘java’ or ‘java-library’ depending on project and Gradle version

Move fields to top of class to match the style in Gradle

+review REVIEW-6462

Use correct Gradle distribution for performance tests

Address review items

+review REVIEW-6454

Fix main class and package name calculation

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Adjust files to change in incremental change performance tests

Add pom.xml generation to test project generator

Add `parallel` to project generator config

Upgrade gradle-script-kotlin to 0.8.0

The release notes will be update in a separate commit.

Bump version number {0.8.0 => 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT}

Simplify project generator

Prepare 0.8.0 release

Wait before testing the server connection for unavailability again

Fix string substitution in log statements

Use system properties directly from settings.gradle

We do not need the workaround any more now that we are not using an

init script.

+review REVIEW-6461

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Remove duplication from `LocalFileDependencyBackedArtifactSet`

Fail artifact resolution when an artifact transform produces an output that is not one of its inputs or a child of its output directory.

Some tweaks to artifact transform error messages.

Reworked how locking is applied around artifact transforms, so that 2 threads don't attempt to run the same transform when the previous output has been deleted.

Fix SW model dependency resolution

A `BuildOperationProcessor` is provided to dependency resolving

classpath, allowing artifacts to be prepared in parallel.

Added `CacheAccess.withFileLock()` to allow an action to run while the current process is holding the lock for a cache, as an alternative and eventual replacement for `useCache()` which also blocks all other threads for the current process and other processes.

Remove some some duplicated words from gradle

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Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Ignore int test with parallel mode for now.

Remove unused imports

Fixed broken test to work with when running in daemon mode.

Report correct location for `buildscript` block compilation errors

And for `plugins` block compilation errors.

Resolves #177

Updated CategoryFilter to prevent NPE with Cucumber and JUnit Categories

- NullPointerException was being thrown if JUnit Categories were used in

a project containing Cucumber tests.

- Ensure CategoryFilter does not call createSuiteDescription if the

description test class is null

- Added integration test to reproduce the error

Don't reuse the cached result of an artifact transform if the output no longer exists.

Fixed `InMemoryDecoratedCache.get(key, producer)` to work correctly after the entry has been removed.