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Re-Upgrade to Jsoup 1.11.2 to fix idea generation

Fix `isTestSource` behaviour

Preserve `sourceFolders.removeAll` behaviour

Merge pull request #4475 from gradle/eriwen/docs/actual-troubleshooting

Make troubleshooting docs actually useful

Preserve `isTestSource` handling behaviour

Polish `IdeConfigurationPlugin`

- Extract explaining method

- Prefer `a + b` over ``

- Keep `@Suppress` scope to a minimum

- Prefer `a in b` over `b.contains(a)`

Polish troubleshooting doc

Rewrite installation docs to be much more thorough

Improve cache cleanup log message

Change phrasing of log message about last cleanup to sound less like it's a call to action, and demote it to debug level.

Remove docs file that is not referenced anymore

Make deprecation summary message in CLI doc match actual message in build tool

Remove example and figure numbers from docs

Fix padding in docs for medium sized screens when navigation to subsection

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Rearrange some links on docs navigation

Remove some of the Java 9 test excludes (#4449)

Polish display of release notes subsections

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Some polish and imagery for 4.6 release notes

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Incorporated review feedback. Did some further polishing and fixed a bug after resolving merge conflicts.

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Use permalink for build scan

Add missing @Nullable to parameter in because() interface

Convert dependency management script to kotlin-dsl (#4465)

Wrapper update is required because of: ba08e0e

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Wait between iterations of memory leak test

IBM JVMs sometimes falsely report being out of

heap space. Let's see if a small grace period


Resolve merge conflicts

# Conflicts:

# buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

# buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/accessors/accessors.kt

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Merge branch 'master' into hansd/migrateCodeQualityConfiguration

# Conflicts:

# buildSrc/build.gradle.kts

# buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/accessors/accessors.kt

Make single origin processors incremental

Record the origin->generated type mapping from the Filer

API and recompile generated types when their origin changes.

Delete stale .java files in addition to stale .class files.

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Allow multiple originating elements from the same type

Gradle tracks dependencies among types, not between individual

methods or other members. This means that there is no problem

if a single-origin annotation processor provides multiple

originating elements if they all come from the same type.

Ignore test class only when it's a class inside @Nested class

This fixes

Previously we only pass top-level classes to JUnit 5, which might cause

issues. This PR fixes this behaviour: only ignore classes inside @Nested


Convert `ciReporting` to Gradle

Polish ClassSetAnalysisData & friends

Replaced null-checks with null object and

merged a few redundant if-conditions.

Recompile when annotation processor path changes

This fixes a corner case where removing the last

annotation processor can leave stale generated files

around. This is because the next compilatin will be

incremental and only react to input files that actually


This is a highly unlikely case in practice, as removing

an annotation processor that is still in use would usually

break the code anyway. The more important reason to do this

change is that it will be required for incremental annotation

processing to work correctly.