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Revert "Remove two old TAPI models"

This reverts commit f56ce5c444437ee81d5d6044483cce4c544254ae.

Stop leaking files from DefaultDirectoryWalkerTest

- This change also switches from using Mocks to using a Fake. It's so

much more sane, and less brittle.

Avoid * imports

Expire version-specific caches for current '-snapshot-1' version

Since we no longer have a unique version for a local development version,

it's not safe to retain version-specific caches within `intTestHomeDir`.

This solution isn't great, because:

a) It relies on 'cleanUpCaches' running to avoid problems with integration tests

b) It slows down the initial integration test run after cleaning the caches

- e.g. The shaded gradle-api jar must be regenerated

Explicitly set --no-daemon or --daemon parameter for integration tests

Minor cleanup

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Restored a constructor for an internal type, for backwards compatibility. The constructor is deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.

Restored some methods that previously leaked onto all decorated types. These are now deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.

Restored some behaviour in the `MavenDeployer.repository { ... } DSL that changed in a breaking way when the implementation of this interface was changed from Groovy to Java.

Adds four new build splits for speed.

Add release notes about API changes

Make DSL doc generation happy

Appease checkstyle

Restore binary compatibility with AntGroovydoc

Remove type bounds so we generate the same method signatures again

Add missing methods from Groovy -> Java conversion

Restore old Object only constructors

Remove setProperty from formerly-Groovy tasks

Improve integration with wrt CSS styles.

Review items for Manifest API fix

Remove unnecessary FileResolver injection in Ear

Restore lost access levels in codeQuality

Restore lost access levels in Jacoco plugin

Restore lost access level on EclipseClasspath.noExportConfiguration

Mention breaking change to RhinoWorkerHandleFactory

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Clean up remapped script caches in intTestHomeDir

Remove two old TAPI models

Since we dropped support for clients <1.2, these are no longer needed.

Simplified unit test

Remove `@LeaksFileHandles` from a test that doesn't seem to

Attempt to fix leaking file handle on windows unit test

Reuse mockery from parent class

Close cache to avoid leaking files

Fixed all wrapper tests not to leak file handles by killing daemons

Roll back JMock version

Need to fix tests locally first.

Switch from `TestPrecondition` to an adhoc condition

Upgrade JMock version to less newer version

Trying to avoid side-effects with Spock.

Ignore test when no old JDK is installed

This test was failing for me locally with a cryptic message:

org.spockframework.runtime.SpockExecutionException: Data provider has no data

Because the 'where' clause in the Spock test provided no values. This change

simply ignores the test in this case.

Revert to old version of JMock

Seems to break Spock tests:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.gradle.integtests.fixtures.executer.GradleContextualExecuter

at org.gradle.integtests.fixtures.AbstractIntegrationSpec.$spock_initializeFields(AbstractIntegrationSpec.groovy:45)

Avoid using deprecated JMock method

The module language-java uses strict compilation and therefore failed the build.

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Composite build support for IDEA metadata starts at Gradle 3.0

Upgrade JMock version for proper cleanup handling

- The old version of JMock we were using didn't seem to invoke the @Rule for TestNameTestDirectoryProvider. Therefore, files were left behind after each test run.

- The new version deprecated some classes we are currently using. This needs to be cleaned up over time. Optimally, we'd turn all JMock test classes into Spock tests.

Project can only be used in setup method

Close reader

Fix some tests that were leaking file handles

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Task API doesn't provide method for retrieving Project anymore

+review REVIEW-6012

Update wrappers to first nightly distro with sources

This commit updates the gradle wrappers in this repository (main build

and samples) to use the first gradle-3.0 nightly distribution that

includes not only the gradle-script-kotlin module (at version

1.0.0-M1a), but also contains sources that allow for quick documentation

and navigation to source from within Kotlin-based build scripts.

This is essentially a preview of what will be available with regard to

Kotlin support in the forthcoming Gradle 3.0 M1.

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Update distribution url in 1.0 M1 release notes

The former distribution URL was a temporary location. /dist-milestones

is the proper home and the fully-qualified <project-name>-<version>.zip

naming scheme for custom distributions is a better approach that the

previous gradle-gsk-<version>.zip abbreviation-based approach.

Note that the distribution pointed to by the old URL remains in place

for now, for those who have already updated their wrappers to point to


Verify daemon scan info in continuous mode

+review REVIEW-6009