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More robust approach to system-specific path

Only accept binary breaking changes to Incubating methods

Store task state even if task has failed (#2383)

Previously when a failing task created new files, those files would be recognized as overlapping outputs from some unknown source. Overlapping outputs would then cause task output caching to be disabled for the task.

We now persist the task's state even after a failed execution. But in the failure case we only persist the snapshots if there was a change to the outputs. When we do this, we also record that the execution failed. However, if the failing task didn't change its outputs, there is no need to persist its state. This will allow the task to run in incremental mode the next time it's executed.

For tasks that do modify their outputs incremental execution was always disabled the next time they were executed, and this change preserves that behavior.

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Make it possible to accept incubating regressions

Method needs to be public

Quick fix for fixing binary breakage test


Don't render test worker info in console

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Make `ScalaCompile` and `ScalaDoc` cacheable (#2399)

This adds test coverage with respect to caching and incremental builds for `ScalaCompile` and `ScalaDoc` and makes both tasks cacheable.

Issue: #1956

Based on PR: #1958

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Bump version number {0.10.3 => 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT}

Merge pull request #419 from gradle/develop


Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.10.2 => 0.10.3}

Make CodeNarc happy

Add missing `@Incubating`

Fix cross-version test

Add test case for `10-internal`

Don't include module info into shaded jars

This commit fixes the generated Gradle API (and TestKit) jars, so that they don't include

potential `module-info.class` files from bundled dependencies. This was the case since the

introduction of ASM 6, which comes with a module info file.

This is not a general solution, as, theorically, we should care about module info files.

But, the fact is that if we bundle them as is, they just don't match what we are building:

the API jar would be an "ASM" module, instead of a "Gradle API" one.

Bump metadata version

Since we changed how a POM is interpreted, we need to make sure

that Gradle will re-download POMs that it had wrongly interpreted

before. See #2282 for the change to POM parsing.

Fix/ignore failing tests

Polish pull request #2282

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Fix cross-version integration test

A deprecation warning is actually thrown in Gradle 1.12 when consuming Maven publication with packaging.

Merge pull request #2448 from gradle/lp/enfore-exact-deprecation-warning-count

Enforce exact deprecation warning count in tests

Fix retry cleanup for ConcurrentToolingApiIntegrationSpec

Support running Gradle on JDK 10

This commit adds support for `JavaVersion.1_10` (yes, this is awkward naming, blame versioning scheme change).

Note that there are 2 different aspects of Java 10 detection:

1. given a string representation of a version number, return the appropriate `JavaVersion` enum value

2. given the current runtime, return the appropriate `JavaVersion` enum value

This commit fixes 1, but didn't change anything in the way 2 works. In particular, 2 still uses the `java.version`

property, which is then parsed and we follow the process of 1. However, since Java 9, a new `Runtime#getVersion`

method exists, that we should use instead of relying on parsing the version number returned by `java.version`.

The reason we don't do this yet is that Gradle needs to run on older JDKs, so we cannot statically link to this

method, which involves either the use of reflection or method handles to get a hand on the result of the invocation.

Since the invocation returns a complex object (not just a `String`), we're deferring this work (PRs welcome!).

Relax matching of work-in-progress items

If the items (e.g. '> IDLE') is formatted (e.g. [1B> IDLE) it is now

stripped as well. Without this, the String "> IDLE" was kept in

the output and could end up in one of the output groups.

Prepare 0.10.3 release

Bump version number {0.10.2 => 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT}

Merge pull request #2458 from gradle/rbo/release/kotlin-dsl-0.10.2

Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.10.1 => 0.10.2}

Add note about @Inject to ObjectFactory.newInstance javadoc

Merge branch 'everyone/public-instantiator' #2393

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Rename class to align with test class naming convention