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Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to 4.6-rc-2

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Polish JarPatcher and ClasspathManifestPatcher

by making unpack functions more readable

Let `configure<T> { }` and `the<T>()` extensions be available to any `ExtensionAware` type

Keep the same extensions on Project that actually also delegate to conventions

Publish 4.6-rc-2

Remove unused import

Restore previous ShadedJarCreator FileVisitor behavior

Prefer string template over concatentation

Report error whenever two modules in the graph disagree on a preference

This commit makes it an error case to have two modules provide a preference for a capability, if that preference

is not the same. Currently we don't know how to solve such a problem, in particular because preferences can be

discovered as the graph grows, and are hard to rollback.

Another fix for ciReporting.gradle

Add `@Nullable` to `@Optional` task inputs

where applicable.

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Fix icReporting.gradle

Polish ClasspathManifestPatcher

by turning function bodies as expressions

and simplifying some statements

and using kotlin-stdlib more

and formatting visibility modifiers

Support capabilities with project dependencies

Previously, it was possible to discover and solve conflicts between published modules, or through the `capabilities` block when

declaring capabilities for external modules. With this commit, it is now possible to declare capabilities in projects that are

used during conflict resolution.

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Prefer plugin portal over

Polish JarPatcher

by removing spurious `this` references

and simplifying some expression

Don't iterate on configuration.files twice

Prefer Provider over Callable

Merge branch 'release'

Update build tagging plugin to 0.41

Let master use Gradle 4.5.1 and Gradle Kotlin DSL 0.14.2

Merge pull request #722 from gradle/eskatos/master/gradle-4.5.1

Fix type hierarchy for DependencyConstraintMetadataImpl

Prevent internal type leakage


Polish `JsoupCopyExtension`

- Prefer `filter(vararg Pair<K, V>)` over `filter(Map<K, V>)`

Use Jackson for parsing JSON in wrapper.gradle.kts

Jackson provides lightweight data-binding for Kotlin, that ends

up being simpler than using `groovy.json.JsonSlurper`.

Signed-off-by: Daz DeBoer <>

Cast Json object to Map rather than relying on withGroovyBuilder

Signed-off-by: Daz DeBoer <>

Merge pull request #4416 from gradle/hansd/jsoupPluginToKotlin

Migrating buildSrc Jsoup plugin from Groovy to Kotlin

Don't need to pass around `TaskContainer`

Signed-off-by: Daz DeBoer <>

First attempt at converting wrapper.gradle to Kotlin

Signed-off-by: Daz DeBoer <>

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