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Merge branch 'release' into bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-v0.12.2

Fix build on Linux

Add queryable properties to Swift binaries

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Use installationDirectory over manually writing C++ executable install task in

Remove extra linkFile property

defer this work until later when we can properly push it into the linker spec

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

Flip if condition to avoid negation.

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptCompiler`

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelIntegrationTest`

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModel`

- Break long line

- Simplify complex comparison using null-safe navigation

- Declare type parameter variance

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptModelBuilder`

- Dedupe empty AccessorClassPath value

Upgrade gradle-kotlin-dsl {0.12.1 => 0.12.2}

v0.12.2 includes the fix for #3250 when the applied script is written

in Kotlin.

See #3250

Fix `ImplicitImportsTest` after distro upgrade

Update wrappers to latest snapshot distro

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Merge pull request #3263 from gradle/oehme/built-in-scans/second-level-scripts

Fix built-in scans when buildscript block has apply statements

Document `PluginRequestApplication#applyPlugins`

Don't execute plugins block of non top level scripts

And don't bother to request auto-applied plugins either.

Bump version number

Fix command line option in documentation

Short-circuit plugin application when there are no plugin requests

Merge branch 'release' into oehme/built-in-scans/second-level-scripts

Some edits to the Gradle module metadata format spec.

Minor tweak to the variant names for published C++ components.

Fixed handling of boolean typed attributes in cached module metadata. Incremented the cache layout version due to a change in the serialized format of the metadata.

Verify properly that signature file exists

Remove `outputType` as input to native compilation

The manually added `outputType` input to native compilation tracks

- the target platform (os/architecture)

- the type of the toolchain (Clang/Gcc etc.)

- the name of the toolchain (arbitrary selected name)

- the OS of the toolchain

We already track the target platform and the type/version of the compiler

in use separately in CompilerVersion.

The OS of the toolchain should not influence the result of the

compilation. If it would, this could cause then problems for caching.

We decided not to track the OS of the toolchain for now, since

- if there is a problem when using the build cache we want to know about


- there is an easy workaround if the problem arises: add the OS as an

input to the compile task in the build script

The name of the toolchain should not influence the output at all.

Move systemIncludes to own class

Revert "Remove deprecation warning (#3264)"

This reverts commit e79b448ab367dc7ca7c4a96060748de097c96559.

Process lines in dependency file only once

Merge branch 'release'

Wait until daemon becomes idle before closing standard input pipe (#3270)