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AutoTestedSamplesUtil: fix typo in failure message

Updated ivy-publish samples - Split into 3 separate samples - Made java multiproject sample a bit clearer - Have not yet updated userguide for these changes

Updated DSL docs for ivy publication

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Updates to publication spec: - Extracted "creating artifacts from compound input values" into a new story, as the current story was big enough

Finish off integ tests for publishing components to ivy

JavaLibrary no longer includes all artifacts from the "runtime" configuration - artifacts for component are explicitly defined - improved integ tests for multi-project publications

Handle null values for ext, type, classifier on ivy artifact

Remove a few TODOs that I'm not going to do address anytime soon

Added classifier support to ivy publishing - Honour classifier value in filename, archive, or publishartifact - Generate correct maven namespaced element in ivy.xml

Added 'conf' attribute to IvyArtifact, allow this to specified in ivy.xml - Don't supply conf attribute by default: will use the ivy.xml default value of '*' - Use the configuration value of a ModuleDependency to get the right hand side of the <dependency> configuration mapping. - Do a lot more ivy.xml configuration checking in integ tests.

Moved setting of IvyArtifacts back off IvyConfiguration and onto IvyPublication - IvyConfiguration is a lightweight representation of a configuration element in ivy.xml - Copy runtime dependencies from Component when configured, rather than holding onto Component and doing this lazily - Added IvyDescriptorFileGenerator for translating directly from IvyPublication to ivy.xml - Translating IvyPublication -> org.apache.ivy.ModuleDescriptor -> ivy.xml meant that we couldn't produce certain ivy.xml features (like conf="*"). - Updated MavenPomFileGeneratorTest to use XmlSlurper rather than comparing actual file output. - Removed custom configurations from many integ tests - still need to add ability to set configuration on artifact/dependency - still need to add tests for configurations in ivy.xml

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removed section on breaking sonar changes because changes to old sonar plugin were reverted in favor of having a new sonar-runner plugin

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remove manually applied IConventionAware interface

fix failing ci

REVIEW-1290 rename TestNGOptionsPojo to TestNGSpec; simplify errorhandling in TestNGTestFramework

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REVIEW-1313: some tweaks to the pmd documentation.

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- wrap HtmlTestExecutionResult and JUnitXmlTestExecutionResult in DefaultTestExecutionResult

- fix HtmlTestExecutionResult

- always add testclass to report

Fixed integration test for changed error message

don't add task dependency from sonarRunner on test if sonarRunner.skipProject == true

fix ci failure: update userguide samples for distribution plugins; fix pmdExtension.

fix formatting of release notes.

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Reorganised the package structure of ivy.publish - Moved IvyPublisher and related service classes into internal.publisher - Moved tasks.internal -> internal.plugins to be more consistent

Added some TODOs for a later story (REVIEW-1277)

Improved generics (REVIEW-1277)

Use task.getOutputs().getFiles() instead of a custom file collection to wire GenerateIvyDescriptor task to publishing. (REVIEW-1269)

Remove method no longer required (REVIEW-1269)

REVIEW-1268: More publication cleanup - Use instantiator to decorate IvyArtifactSet - Renamed IvyArtifactSet.addArtifact() -> artifact() - Allow 'source' key in map-based artifact notation - Don't bind IvyArtifactNotationParser to Project: use FileResolver

gave up on using multiple integ test tasks (too error-prone); instead, renamed sonar test server dependencies to allow multiple versions on same (integ test) class path

Switch IvyArtifact implementations to be non-lazy (REVIEW-1268) - IvyArtifact extends Buildable - Added multiproject integ test for ivy publishing

Started rolling improvements to maven publishing over into ivy publishing (REVIEW-1268) - Prevent publishing artifact that is directory - Better error messages for publication validation failures - Many integration test improvements for ivy publication - Test for non-ascii characters in artifact names - Test for org/module/artifact/version/etc values containing whitespace