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Add even more error patterns when build cache shuts down.

+review REVIEW-6517

Update docs based on review feedback

+review REVIEW-6510

Uniformly snapshot resources in jars and directories

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Clarify when we would run a clean-up action

+review REVIEW-6510

Do not emit operations if we're not going to do work

+review REVIEW-6510

Improve Copy task sample

- Demonstrate how to declare dependencies on properties

Rework Build Cache Configuration expose mechanism.

Polish AbstractIntegrationTest

AbstractIntegrationTest do not automatically create an empty settings.gradle file anymore

Composite Builds Sample

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Make test more robust

The test has been flaky, since the message was changing depending on

- the error (Broken pipe/Connection reset)

- when the error happened: In the packer or in the HttpBuildCache

Polish logging for build cache error handler

+review REVIEW-6517

Support for Kotlin settings scripts, aka. settings.gradle.kts

Some renaming in CalculateTaskGraphDetails.Result

- filteredTaskPaths -> excludedTaskPaths

+review REVIEW-6498

Remove rootProject.buildFileName = ‘build.gradle.kts’ from tests

See #37

Merge pull request #1937 from gradle/sw/build-cache/error-handling/dont-fail-on-store

This fixes different problems with error handling in the build cache:

- Always report the cache key on failure

- Do not fail the build when uploading to the cache fails

- Show underlying connection problem when failing

+review REVIEW-6517

Add build cache HTTP as an integ test runtime dependency.

Some build cache integ tests throw the HTTP impl into the mix.

Needs to live in the integ test source set.

Improved the 'no matching variant' and 'too many matching variant' error messages to use a better description of each of the variants, such as which project/module and configuration the variant belongs to.

Made a bunch of changes to forward the display name of the variant from where the variant originates from through to the variant selection logic so it can construct the error messages, using `Describable` to represent the display name.

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Added some utilities for dealing with `Describable`

Don't allow BuildCache.[displayName|configDescription] to be null.

Stabilise the order of the build cache config description.

Introduce an interface to describe the data structure describing a cache in the build operation result, to reduce coupling to the impl.

Test polishing.

Merge branch 'master' into ff-finalize-build-cache-configuration

Move test to a more appropriate home.

Unpack cache types so we get the real name, not the decorated class name.

Add more information and guidance to BuildOperationDetails regarding implementations.

Only close a build cache service once

+review REVIEW-6510

Check that we're generating build operations for cleaning up a cache

+review REVIEW-6510