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Fix typo in test name

Interpret result of Play routes compilation

Play 2.4+ no longer returns a simple Boolean for compilation

For older versions of Play, we continue to check for Boolean.

For newer versions of Play, we decompose the Either[Seq[RouteCompilationError], Seq[File]]

Use up-to-date step

Avoid additional parameter and method call

ResolvedComponentResult extends ComponentResult

This refactor does not change the API signature for `ResolvedComponentResult`,

but ties it to the existing supertype.

Remove nearly all current caching

Update wrapper to latest release-nightly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Allow Maven repositories to specify a kind

This commit leverages the content filtering feature to allow

a Maven repository to have a kind, where there are actually

3 kinds of repositories:

- snapshot only: we would never try to look for non snapshot

versions of a module there

- releases only: we would never try to look for a SNAPSHOT

version of a module

- mixed: the default, where we assume a repository can host

both snapshots and releases

Fix tests

Fix unit test

Add unknown status to avoid misleading report row

Add unknown status to avoid misleading report row


Previously we don't check TC cancelled status (UNKNOWN). This commit supports

this by introducing another tag `UNKNOWN`.

Allow access to the module version in repository content filtering

This is a required feature as soon as we want to implement the

common Maven case where snapshots are published in a different

repository from releases: this will let us differentiate between

those kinds of repositories just based on the version number.

Fix execution of artifact transforms from script dependencies

We now have two WorkExecuters: One in Gradle user home scope and one in

Gradle scope.

Add teamcity build id to performance tests (#7524)

This fixes

Previously, we only don't have buildId recorded in performance database, which might cause incorrect result if running multiple performance builds against same commit. This PR adds `teamCityBuildId` column to performance test database.

A bonus is that we now have build url link in performance graph page.

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Include code style

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Merge pull request #7533 from gradle/marc/fix-travis

Remove links from build scans created on Travis

Make TaskTimeoutIntegrationTest fail fast


There're some exeucution timeouts when executing TaskTimeoutIntegrationTest.

This commit adds a timeout to CountDownLatch.wait() to prevent it running forever.

Publish 5.0-20181026000040+0000

Be a bit more systematic in the collection of selection reasons

- Collect rule reasons for each dependency for a selector, not just

the first dependency discovered

- Apply 'force' reason for a dependency at the same time as other

reasons are collected.

Fixes #7535

Add test demonstrating "forced" being reported for substitution

Issue: #7535

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/lazy/archive-tasks'

* origin/sg/lazy/archive-tasks:

Fix play unit test

Fix binary compatibility for AbstractArchiveTask

Make checkstyle happy

Add missing input annotation

Recognize JLLeitschuh for converting AbstractArchiveTasks to use Provider API

Fix tests and remove remaining convention mapping with archive task

Fix deprecation warnings

Use Property consistently through AbstractArchiveTask

Fixup failing tests after AbstractArchiveTask changes

Make all fields in the AbstractArchiveTask be backed by properties

Update AbstractArchiveTask to expose Provider API

Merge pull request #6835 from gradle/dont-use-cwd

Try to clarify danger of using `new File()`

Merge pull request #7458 from pledbrook/fix-properties-sample

Fix the caption on a sample about project properties

Fix play unit test

Minor edit to java_plugin.adoc to clarify that all annotation processors must opt into incap to support incremental compilation.

Signed-off-by: Tony Robalik <>

Fix binary compatibility for AbstractArchiveTask

Remove links from build scans created on Travis

- Remove report links (only works on TC)

- Remove links to `` GE instance for current commit

Make checkstyle happy