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Increase version number

Update master wrapper to use a recent snapshot

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Removed a few usages of static `FileSystem`. Use an injected instance instead.

Removed a few implicit usages of `IdentityFileResolver`. Use an injected instance instead.

Fixed compile problems on Java 1.6.

GRADLE-3382 - Fix IndexOutOfBounds exception when our short-circuiting ClassNodeResolver attempts to lookup a lowercase class name. This is typically caused by a syntax error in the build script. Report the actual syntax error rather than a bogus message claiming a bug in Groovy exists.

+review REVIEW-5793

Extracted a super interface out of `FileResolver` and changed a bunch of things to use the new interface.

`FileResolver` drags in a lot of baggage, and a more focused interface allows things to declare which parts they actually need. Also helps bust up some cycles between `FileResolver` and the things it needs.

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Added missing Javadocs comments.

Removed unused import.

Retain individual project scala versions when generating IDEA scala sdk libraries

+review REVIEW-5791

Remove RootProjectLibrary since not such concept exists in IDEA

+review REVIEW-5791

Fix test

Mention potentially breaking change for PMD plugin

+review REVIEW-5773

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Improve rendering of test suites in component reports

Story: gradle/langos#113

Add warning in case TestNG is used with Java 6 in Build Init plugin

Latest version of TestNG is not compatible with Java 6.

Add missing Javadoc

Story: gradle/langos#113

Avoid executing the test suite when running the binary task of a test suite

The consequence of this commit is that binaries of JVM test suites have a corresponding build task, but that task does nothing. We should decide whether we want to avoid the creation of such a build task, or make it depend on the compile and process resources tasks of the test suite.

Story: gradle/langos#113

Improve wording of a contribution

+ review REVIEW-5782

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cleanup bytecodelevel idea setup implementation

handle different targetCompatibility levels in idea plugin

Do not explicitly check for tasks in model report

When tasks are not an important part of the report, do not check for


+review REVIEW-5771

tick off implemented test cases in spec

potentially set idea project bytecodelevel

- when idea modules all have same targetCompatibility level but differ from idea project jdk version

set project target bytecode level explicitly

Align behavior of the native software model with the Java software model for creation of test suites

Story: gradle/langos#113

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Add integration test

Coverage for help command for build init plugin.

Tweak documentation

Point to instead of Google Code that it currently redirects to

Set group and description for test tasks

Story: gradle/langos#113

Add missing test cases to check incremental behavior and variants

Story: gradle/langos#113

Documentation enhancements

+review REVIEW-5783


Story: gradle/langos#113