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various native test improvements / fixes

various native test improvements / fixes

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GRADLE-734 - Changed DefaultInternalRepository to 'download' any additional artifacts for a project dependency. - Added FileCollection.filter() and minus(). Use these in the war plugin + task to build the WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/libs dirs.

GRADLE-742 - Fixed partial dir matching for patterns with leading or inner **

GRADLE-655 NPE when script contains only class definitions and no statements.

GRADLE-679 - Changed CopySpec.from() so that it now accepts other CopySpecs - Added Project.copySpec() - Moved caseSensitive property to CopySpec

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Extracted gradle-plugins project out of gradle-core

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- Decoupled BuildSourceBuilder from the Java and Base plugins - Removed unused OutputHandler and related classes

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Extracted gradle-code-quality subproject out of gradle-core.

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Fixed website build

Moved some non-public classes out of org.gradle package

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Split gradle-jetty subproject out of gradle-core

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Fixed broken int test

Extracted a gradle-launcher subproject out of gradle-core - Clean a bunch of unused stuff out of the start/wrapper scripts - Do the same stuff in the start and wrapper scripts on darwin - Renamed BootstrapMain to GradleMain, and WrapperMain to GradleWrapperMain, to give more useful output from ps/jps

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Fixed broken src zip contents

updated to new snapshot

GRADLE-731 - Fixed problem in change detection on windows when file has spaces in the first few characters of its name.

GRADLE-679 - Ensure each directory in the heirarchy is present in the archive, exactly once.

GRADLE-730 - Fix Include and Exclude closure use in Copy task

Don't evaluate the test classpath during configuration, defer it until it's required.

GRADLE-679 - Some more fixes for FileCollection.getBuildDependencies() - Some fixes to AbstractCopyTask to correctly use the convention value for 'from' - Removed ZipFileSet and TarFileSet.

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fixed checkstyle problem

GRADLE-679 - Fixed moving task dependencies through complex combinations of FileCollections and FileTrees (eg when copying)

- Changed DistributionIntegrationTest to use native unzip tools where possible - Changed DistributionIntegrationTest to actually execute the gradle executable in each distribution - Fixed TestFile.usingNativeTools() to not hang for archives with lots of entries

Don't check file permissions on windows

GRADLE-725 - Int test that transitive provided dependencies are not included in war

GRADLE-679 - Added CopySpec.fileMode and dirMode properties - Changed TarCopyVisitor and ZipCopyVisitor to use these

GRADLE-679 - Implemented gzip and bzip2 compression for tar archives. - Ported Zip and Tar tasks to java

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GRADLE-679 - Use ant archive classes instead of commons-compress. They seem to be in better shape, and are there anyway.

Some minor tidy-ups