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Reuse `joinLines` extension

Rename immutable file collection methods

* `ProjectLayout.filesFor()` -> `files()` (we already have `file()` and we are replacing `Project.files()`, moreover the `For` suffix doesn't seem to add anything)

* `ProjectLayout.mutableFilesFor()` -> `configurableFiles()` (the result is of type `ConfigurableFileCollection`, and we regularly use "configure" as a term in our public APIs, while we don't use "mutate")

Publish configuration-wide excludes in Gradle module metadata

Resolves #5035.

Remove duplication

Make mirror init script faster

Using dynamic Groovy had a noticable effect on some scenarios.

Use CompileStatic instead to reduce noise in the profiling results.

Merge branch 'release'

Upgrade wrapper to 4.7

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Publish 4.7

Point users to IDEA's import feature in IDEA plugin chapter

Issue dotorg-docs#219. Added a note that users can use the Gradle import

feature of IDEA without applying the IDEA plugin.

I have also converted tables to definition lists and cleaned up the indentation

of code samples.

Use Lookup to invoke defineClass on Java 9+ (#4976)

Use Lookup to invoke defineClass on Java 9+

Merge pull request #5080 from gradle/wolfs/jfr-more-memory

Increase memory for performance test JVM

Merge pull request #5010 from gradle/marc/issues/4943-sign-publications

Add support for signing publications and publishing signature files to Maven/Ivy repositories

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Mention contributor in release note

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Upgrade codeNarc to version 1.1 (#4917)

Remove sign tasks for removed publications

Merge pull request #5078 from gradle/lptr/fail-with-non-existent-init-script

Fail the build if a referenced init script does not exist

Increase memory for performance test JVM

Mention contributors in release note

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Add Java 11 test coverage into pipeline (#5065)

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Expose GAV on MavenDeployment and use MavenProjectIdentity internally

Collapse empty lines in blocks

Issue: #4920

Signed-off-by: Andrew Potter <>

Polish Gradle 4.7 release notes

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Enable updating a subset of locked dependencies

The feature is triggered by the "--update-locks org:foo,org:bar" command

line flag.

This filters out the constraints for dependencies to update and applies

the other constraints as "prefer" instead of "strict".

Fixes #4906

Minor error message improvement

Refactor method name for clarity

Make gradleApi() method more efficient

The classpath for the Gradle API was recomputed on every call.

It is now cached, saving quite a bit of memory in projects that

create lots of plugins (like our own build).

Make IndexedNormalizedFileSnapshot#compareTo efficient

Do the same optimization we already did for equals/hashcode.

This avoids the creation of garbage Strings when comparing snapshots.

Cache external module lookups

These can be quite frequent, e.g. when using methods

like localGroovy() a lot. We now cache them just like

internal module lookups.

Cache resources in caching classloader

This is especially important for looking up plugin descriptors

for missing plugins. For instance, in a build with 100 projects

which all call `plugins.withId('foo')`, the plugin descriptor for

the 'foo' plugin would be looked up 100 times, because each project

could potentially contain it. Every one of those lookups will usually hit

the same classloader (if all dependencies are defined in the root project).

Caching those lookups improves configuration time a lot in those cases.

Move code snippets into samples instead.

Issue: #4920

Signed-off-by: Andrew Potter <>