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Ship tooling API provider patch as JAR.

Some more changes on PlayRun task

- rename PlayRunWorkerManager to PlayApplicationRunner

- other minor cleanups

+review REVIEW-5261

fix failing windows ci

+review REVIEW-5263

Use BaseForkOptions to configure PlayRun process memory settings

+review REVIEW-5261

@ComponentBinaries takes care of binding component sources to its binaries

+review REVIEW-5263

Support for managed model properties of collection types

+review REVIEW-5270

Added comment to test

+review REVIEW-5225

Detection of conflicting properties in managed type inheritance hierarchies.

+review REVIEW-5265

Extract patch required for tooling API provider.

Create tooling classloader with overriden ClasspathInferer.

Adding error handling tests for component metadata rules

+review REVIEW-5218

Test coverage for two managed types extending same parent

+review REVIEW-5265

Don't reuse ModelRuleDefinitionHandler instances in tests

+review REVIEW-5265

Add patched ClasspathInferrer working with 1.8-2.2.

Test coverage for error messages produced when managed type extraction involves an inheritance structure

+review REVIEW-5265

update wrapper to use 2.2.1-rc-1

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Test coverage for manged types extending multiple interfaces

+review REVIEW-5265

Test coverage for model rules depending on manged model super type as subject and input

+review REVIEW-5265

Update test for class rename

Mention contribution from Daniel Lacasse in release notes

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Merge pull request #348 from Shad0w1nk/NativeBinaryTasks-extension

Improvements to native binary tasks

Mention Stefan Wolf’s contribution

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Make a best effort to publish when maven publication has multiple unclassified artifacts

Updated release notes.

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Minor spec updates.

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Don't need fully qualified name in sample.

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Merged 'release' branch.

Better display names for play application components

Automatically register a play component named ‘play’ when the ‘play-application’ plugin is applied.

fixed documentation error as "+=" adds Files instead of Configuration

added test for minusConfiguration with "eclipse-wtp" on "java" project